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  1. Hello all,

    Just wonder if anyone knows about these bags. They have pretty cute minimalistic bags that kinda bear a resemblance to Marsul Gavriel bags (especially the bucket bag and one of their shoulder bag). The pictures look good and the price point is not bad. Does anyone have any experience or see these bags IRL befor I tried to search for review but was not really sucessful.

    Below is the website:

    Thank you for your help!!!
  2. Lovely bags! I had never heard of the brand.
    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Did you end up getting one? Im also curious.

  4. Hi - I bought a bag from here and I wanted to say that they're not that great. I got the pochette https://www.hieleven.com/products/pochette-crossbody-bag-fawn
    The reviews online all are high stars but that's because they the low star reviews like mine never make it up and they sponsor Instagrammers to not say anything bad about it.

    My pochette had 1) disgusting oil stains on the exterior 2) hinges were so poorly made that the bag would shrilly SQUEAK when you move a little bit.
    I emailed them about these issues and I did get $10 back for the oil stains but they told me I should just adjust the metal rod in the middle to get rid of the sound. I did so but the sound does not go away and it sounds like I have a bird constantly following me everytime I move when I wear the bag. Not worth the 89 USD - probably better to get some bag from ALDO which may actually be better quality LOL.

    It also says it can fit an ipad mini in the diagrams, but if your ipad has a thin plastic case it won't fit, and you can't hold much other than your ipad so

    ADDITIONALLY, you can get the exact bags on a cheaper chinese website. They just get their bags from here anyway because the round logo on the back of pochette is actually the name of that chinese company lol. I can't remember it off the top of my head but I'll go home and look at it.
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  5. The flap bag style is exactly the same as the one sold on genuinepeople, and I've heard their quality is absolute garbage despite what their website and price point may have you believe.
  6. I just saw an ad for them on Facebook and looked at the bags. Cute styles, but at prices below $100, they cannot be decent real leather. File them under the "too good to be true" category!
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  7. I think that the bags look great in pix, but, agree with what others have said here...I also think that the bucket bags look "too inspired" by MG...and I've learned over the years that you get what you pay for...that being said, I think that you can get great deals on great bags, but, what could the quality of the leather of these be for that price point?
  8. Hi all I wanted to *bump* this up because I saw someone else talk about the Hieleven bucket bag recently from another thread. Can anyone speak to the quality that madelinecl speaks of too or offer their experience with them? Quoted reference:

    Asking because I saw some Mansur Gavriel bucket bags on eBay (not sure if fake) that look really beat up to hell and back, but I mean, they have been around for years and wanted to know if Hieleven is a good option. Their other bags look nice too though, especially the Flap Closure Handbag:

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    Based on my experience, the quality for the bag I got was very poor (see above for my post). Hieleven gets their bags from this Chinese manufacturer :


    I know because their giant logo is on the back of my hieleven bag!! If you are set on getting one, I would suggest you grab one from their actual store because they are cheaper and hieleven marks then up a bit. They are the same thing anyways!

    My case could have been one bad experience but I wish I didnt get distracted by seeing this site promoted in FB and all the flashy IG ootds that had them and would have never spent that amount on that bag for the quality I got
    My hi eleven bag with viewinbox logo
  10. Thanks for sharing the manufacturer. I can't see your uploaded Hieleven pic, but that's alright. It's like private labeling, except they didn't remove the original logo. :P I don't mind ALDO bag price points when they're on sale for $25 ha but if these are $100 and no fun, I'll pass and use that $100 toward a nicer bag with resale value. :graucho: