Hidy Ho, Ladies and Gents

  1. Hi guys! Remember me? I've been incognito since my husband put me on a Louis Vuitton purchasing ban over the summer...looking at all of the goodies you so frequently post proved to be too much temptation for me to steer clear of buying temporarily AND remain married. :lol:

    But I'm back!!! And I even sort of promise to be good and not start any controversial threads. :angel:
  2. i was wondering where you went! welcome back!
  3. Hi Babe! ;)
  4. Awesome;) Welcome back
  5. Welcome back!! I've been wondering where you went!!
  6. ^^PS:

    I secretly love your controversial threads!! hee hee
  7. Hi Doll!

    What kind of sig is that? I don't call you Addy, and I'm your friend. :yucky:
  8. Welcome back!!

    LOL do you have a 'wish list' going yet for new bags?
  9. Welcome back...its nice to see a familiar face!!! This place is so huge now!!!
  10. I can't commit to anything! But I think I want an Epi Saint-Tropez and a Monogram Mini Satin bag for a nice evening out. I already have the Satin card holder - bought it brand new on eBay for $50! (And yes, it's real.) :lol:
  11. welcome back!
  12. welcome back!,I was thinking for a while were did you go =D..in ur avater picture you look alot like my couisn =D
  13. I won't mention to everyone here what you DO call me! :P :lol:

    I'm in disguise... :ninja: :lol:
  14. Welcome back!
  15. welcome back....LV owns your soul I take it.....mine too...left...came back...left and I am back to stay because LV is sooooo nice!!!