Hiding those handbag receipts...


Nov 21, 2005
How many of you have a stash of hidden handbag receipts? :lol: You know, so your boyfriend/husband/lesbian lover/whatever won't see them and look at you funny. To avoid any drama, you hide the receipts...at least, until the novelty of the handbag has worn off.

I just found a couple of receipts from 6 years ago.:shame: (I was a newlywed then...I don't hide them as much anymore.:amuse: ) After finding them, my first thought was, "Hmmm...that was nothing compared to what I like to spend on them now.:lol: :lol: :lol:
I just keep them in a box together. I can't really hide anything from my bf since is basically subsidizes everything I do. Sometimes I'd like to hide them from myself...as to not remember how much I paid. LOL
I keep everything at work. I have a personal file in my cabinet for my receipts and bag tags, etc. I have all the paperwork from my paddington (my bf would pass out if he knew how much I spent on it!), LV receipts, and other shopping receipts. I have a drawer at home that has other receipts in it, but for the less expensive items, just in case the bf finds it :lol:
haha YUP. I not only incorporate that with my receipts but I do it with grades. If I got a C on the test it's an automatic B to my parents..If I got an A..it's really an A+ hehe

*JJ* said:
i'm hinding them too. i seldomly tell my family the real price, i usually reduce it by 30% to 50%.
I don't hide receipts. I file them away, and I know that my boyfriend would never look in there. We live together, but don't have a joint account. As far as we're concerned, we can do what we like with our own money. At the same time, we're both trying to save up for our first place.
Not to get analytical on us....but yes, I do "hide" them; although, I don't have to. My husband does not care so I must be hiding them from myself, but, if I am doing this, why? I think it stems from my mother, her judgment of my choices, that even now in my 30's I hear her in the back of my head and that is the source of the shame. When I see her, "oh, is that new? How much did that cost? " (say that phrase with a Jewish overtone and you will understand). :P
Pradasmeadow said:
I have my own bank account and he has his,then we have a joint account.
So Im very careful to make sure Im spending from my own account to buy treats for myself.

I do that too, but I know my hubby would still s*&t a Volkswagen if he knew how much I'd spent on some of my bags...:shame:
I always hide my receipts! My hubby really doesn't tell me what I can and can't buy, and he knows that bags make me happy! But, I think he'd be blown away by the price of my new Louis Vuitton MC petite Noe and matching wallet!! ;)