Hiding the presale Guccis for the "best customers"...please help!

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  1. I'm having a hard time understanding something. At the Gucci stores, one in particular, I entered the store asking for the presale things. I was told - no, next week. Then I see a different customer getting things pulled from a cabinet with all the things that will be going on presale. So first, I was lied to.

    How much does one have to spend...or...what does one have to do to get that "special phone call".
    Some SA's only call like 2 people and that's it.

    The SA told me that they are only for the BEST customers...and to basically get lost.

    Is this a NY thing or a Gucci thing?

    Can someone please explain why they would turn away someone who wants to spend $1000 or more in their store!!!??:confused1::confused1: This is so frustrating!
  2. Sorry that has happened to you! What a snooty SA, I'd not give him/her my commission! Maybe you should call the corporate office and complain?

    The store I went to, the guy was really nice to me although it's my first time there. And the store has pretty much everything on sale out (not sure if they hide anything) and I was there touching this and that for an hour.

    I also went to the Saks in SF and asked for pre-sale items, the lady there was really nice too. It got to be that store you went to.
  3. It all depends on what store u go to..Some r snooty..Some are NOT.

    I personally prefer to give all my Gucci business to one store..so they know Im a good customer.Once u build a reputation with a store..The bend over backwards for you!
    I just got a HUGE box sent from Prada with stuff goin on sale to LOOK at...I spend all my money with ONE SA.They know it and appreciate it...
  4. let me guess you went to the americana? if you do decide to go again, ask for kennedy or cheryl they are my fave!
  5. I tried to stick with one SA myself, but I don't get to visit the stores very often and when I go if someone else happens to help me(non-snooty) I add them to my list. Since most of my purchases are by phone, I've stored the names of SAs that helped me. I call from time to time to find out if anything is good. That's the only way I can really keep a semi-viable relationship with the SAs.
  6. i think it might of been just for the store...and to be honest i kind of understand why some SA's keep things aside for their best coustomers...because they want to keep them happy! Gucci SA's get paid on commission and if they treat their return coustomers well then they will keep coming back and refering their friends to them (how many times have i mention my sa's?? ive even given out their number out on here!!) SO bassically they are just watching out for their own paycheck!!!

    and who knows, the things in the cabinet were probably saved for them! i know the week before i moved to oklahoma my SA invited me in and we made a list of things i wanted if they came on sale and once she got the list she kept it aside and asked me what i wanted...!!

    hope that helps!
  7. Thats definitley an NY thing.

    Yes, they DO hide stuff. But in my experience, ask and you shall recieve.

    And of course, it doesnt hurt if they know you. Its probably hard to be remembered in a new york store, because only the people who spend disgusting sums of money will stand out. But where I live, there's only about 5 or 6 SA's in the store, total.
  8. At our store the presale is for anybody and everybody, however, my SA always gives me the scoop prior to get first dibs so to speak. I buy all my Gucci's from him and have a great report with him year round. He's a doll!Sorry to hear that happened to you.
  9. Well when I called into my Gucci store, they said "you have to have shopped with a specific SA and at this location..blah blah.. before you can come to the presale". And when I was actually THERE the day before, I saw SAs hoarding bags from the Cruise collection <--I'm sure they were saving them for these "favourite customers". Anyway, long story short, a really nice SA gave me his card and told me to book an appt with him and he'd show me all the sale items. So although lots of Gucci people are snooty, there are the odd nice ones around. Sorry you landed a snooty one though!
  10. I was at the Beverly Hills store this morning and I noticed the same thing. If you did not have an appointment with your normal SA they totally played dumb about the pre-sale. I got there before my SA got there and when I asked one of the other SA's about what is going to be on sale she made me wait for my SA to get there. She would not tell me anything. She just said "we are not set up yet"

    Actually, when I called yesterday to ask about the presale they acted dumb then too. I had to say I know it is starting and that others already have been able to pick out things only then did they allow me to make an appointment.

    Then when I asked the SA if they had anything in Guccissima she said no nothing. Then there was another customer there and they were being showen Guccissima bags.

    I could see the list the SA's have and there are ALOT of items on sale. But the print was way to small to actually read but it is at least 4 pages.

    I was suprised to see they had a brown leather Pelham on sale. I was so tempted

    I don't understand why the sale is such a secret.
  11. I got a call from my SA this morning to tell me the pre presale was today. I called her a few days ago, and she said she didn't know when the items will be on sale. I went today to see my SA, and she showed me some items, but she was helping a customer already so she didn't get to show me everything. Then she told me to come back this week and she'll be able to show me more. I don't get why she just couldn't show me everything today.

    So, I plan to go back on Monday and I hope she shows me everything. I also saw some SA's with papers of what will be on sale, but as beljwl already said, the font was soo small :sad:

    I don't like how it's so secretive :sad:
  12. Thats pretty common practice at boutiques here, and I dont see anything wrong with it. If you are a loyal customer the entire year and most likely for years you should get first dibs on w/e is going on sale.

    What sucks is the way they framed denying you access. I don't think you need to spend a ridiculous amount in there, but it would help to build a relationship with an SA even if it is one over a common interest or something if you dont want to buy full price stuff all year. I got the best service in the world at Chanel even before I was considered VIP there because my SA and I struck up a conversaion about a common interest and were basically friends until I started making purchases.
  13. Bejwl, it was nice to see you at the boutique today...I agree they were very secretive about the presale, that on top of the fact that the Rodeo Drive boutique is so freakin' snotty, I hate spending my money there. The day before the presale, I HAD to track down my SA, she didn't even call me (I just made a Britt purchase with her 9 days ago!). Then she said to be there at 10 am...when I arrived at 10:15 am (had to find parking), she had left on "another appointment". No one was willing to help my friend and I & I had to politely but firmly show my dissatisfaction with the fact that the salesgirl I talked to said there "was no sale". I had to stare at her and say that I KNOW that there is a presale going on and that I need service immediately. :mad:

    After 10 minutes, the manager walked out and apologized. She then tried to get a sour faced SA to take us, who promptly said she "couldn't because of an 11am appointment". The manager made her take us, and not until my friend decided she wanted the Guccissima Biba Hobo did she brighten up and become friendly.

    By the way, the only reason my friend even saw the Biba was because it was being shown to another customer! Our SA pretended like she didn't know what was on sale, and not until it looked like we were going to make purchases did she actually try to go locate any sale items.

    Oh & get this, around 11:30 am after my friend had made her decision to purchase the Biba Hobo, another Cream Guccissima Hobo, and a pair of Canvas Wedges, my ORIGINAL SA, Erin, showed up, smiled "sweetly" at me and tried to step in. She even excused herself by saying that I wasn't there at 10am and that she had a 10:30, which was why she couldn't help me earlier. (So what, she was only going to give me less than 15 minutes of service?...remember, she wasn't even there at 10:15am). I firmly shut her down by not looking at her (the gall she had after she stood me up and had me go through the whole snobby process), handing the formerly sour faced SA the White Peggy Guccissima I chose (thx Bejwl!), and telling her to ring me up.

    Last but not least, about the formerly sour-faced SA who "had an appointment at 11 am" and ended up taking us?...SHE DIDN'T FREAKIN' EVEN HAVE AN 11 AM APPOINTMENT! Nobody showed up during the time she was assisting us, and we were there till 12:30pm! :cursing:

    All in all, if I could have avoided it, I would have gone to the Beverly Center location, if only they had the sale! They are super sweet there.
  14. omg!!! i am kind of shocked AND appalled that they treated you guys that way!!! i had NO idea it was that bad!!! I think it's disgusting the way they act dumb...and very very stupid because honestly they have had the list for AT LEAST a couple of days!!!

    i had called a few days ago to ask about my repair and my regular SA wasnt in but another SA that i had worked with was there and she's like oh btw the peggy you were looking at went on sale...she offered to check on some other items for me...but of course suggested i talk to my regular SA (which i understand, they DO get paid on commission u know!!) but long story short they had offered to presale items to me on thursday when i called in!! so i dont see why they couldnt show some of u items today!! what utter nonesense!

    and btw...most SAs had an idea of what will go on sale about 3 weeks ago, when i picked up my planner my SA showed me the goodies she "thought" (with a wink) what would go on sale...and sure enough they did!

    god i hate stuck-up ness!!!

    (but then again do agree wholeheartedly with berlyn!! it makes sense to me...but no one should be treated badly in the process!)
  15. OMG TIFFERZ!! i would've been LIVID!! i am actually LIVID reading your post!! I cannot believe this...what a friggin !@#%.. I can't believe a high end store like Gucci would do things like that. Sheesh. Well it shows reality at its fullest..they're only interested in MONEY, not relationships..don't ever go back to them again!