Hiding from the mum and the BF.. *Big Smile*

  1. Im so excited!!! :yahoo:I cannot wait to share.. Guess wat i got that came alllll the way from Hawaii...:graucho:
  2. Damier Sophie?
  3. ummm?
  4. I'll say Damier Sophie as well :popcorn:
  5. :whistle:
  6. I have no idea, but the Black MC Ursula in your avatar is making me drool!

    But, do tell what you got from Hawaii!
  7. Hey, where are the clues?? :search:

    I give up.. hula hoop? :confused1:

  8. LOL! You said hula hoop!!

    Oh please doooo tell soon before I head to the gym!!!!
  9. ok here is my first pochette.. The completion of my Multicolore range at least for now..

    ps: somebody pls tell me how to blow up the pics..
    P9300012.JPG P9300013.JPG PA010024.JPG PA010025.JPG PA010030.JPG
  10. ^^^^ OMG .... I am in love with your Black MC collection. :nuts:

  11. Wow Congratulations.
  12. Pardon the messy room, messy hair and horrible dressing. I swear i normally look better.. hhaa..
  13. Lovely MC collection- congrats!
  14. oh good choice. Congrats!
  15. OMG nice!!!