Hidden Treasures...

  1. I found a red lambksin flap in the back today. I will keep posting in this thread what I find. :idea:


  2. its such a beauty! would you mind telling me how much? thanks
  3. It's $1195.
  4. gorgeous!!!!! (:
  5. Oh Christine, STOP!!!! It's just too tempting!:drool: :heart:
  6. I dont have a picture but there is a Jumbo Lamskin in Dark Violet also.
  7. :sweatdrop:
  8. Keep posting these treasures Christine! But, yes, also the prices -- LOL. What size is the red? Is it an east/west flap?
  9. Oh, I bet that Dark Violet classic is spectacular!!!! The red classic is also very pretty.
  10. The red is very pretty....
  11. is this the same red as Mary Kates JUMBO flap ....
  12. Ack! That's gorgeous.:love:
  13. Here's a pic of my jumbo lambskin violet flap

  14. That red one is amazing! Did you by any chance see it in the jumbo size? I'd be all over that bag!
  15. lulilu: I believe this is the classic pochette. The east/west flap is usually $1095. This is one size bigger than that.

    addisonshopper: I am not sure if this is the same red as Mary Kate's. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1144618", true);

    clk55girl: I checked for a med or jumbo after I found this but didn't see anything. I will keep an eye out.