Scarves Hidden treasure: Show off your Jacquard!

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  1. OH yes, :yahoo:that is the right name.....I pulled that orbis blab bla name off the ebay auction but i knew it was something else...

    Thanks!! That was really bugging me. :heart:
  2. This is a beautiful Carre
  3. But it is the jacquard loom that does all the work to make the jacquard. The rest of the process is the same.

    I think we need to ask Hermes about this. They should be able to do it, the silk comes to them manufactured, and they already have the looms prepared for so many lovely patterns.

    Maybe GF can get Mr. Lau to speak to someone. :P
  4. I heard they discontinued doing the jacquards, the last ones were done in 2003 I think with Fetes Venetiennes (mandolins) and En piste (stars)
  5. Here are a few that I have that I don't think have been posted yet:

    1. Close-up of Jovence (fireworks jacquard)

    2. Close-ups of La Cle des Champs (ex libris jacquard)

    3. Close-up of La Cle des Champs (fireworks jacquard)


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  6. I bow to you, MaggieD!!!!
  7. :flowers: Awww, CBlu, you are just too kind. I think that no one has posted these yet because they're such old fashioned designs that they aren't that popular. Jouvence in particular never seems to garner any interest on eBay.
  8. another pairing of mandolin/lute with a venetian themed scarf is shopmom's grail - la commedie italien:

  9. DG, that Comedie italienne needs a new home....:smile:
  10. Daimyo with ginko biloba leaves

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  11. Fêtes Vénitiennes


  12. These are all so lovely! especially the close ups.

    Ok now this is a silly question ...but what is a jacquard? :confused1:
  13. Here's mine!!! Feux de Artifice

    They don't make jacquard very much anymore. Such a shame!!!

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  14. Jacquard is a textile - in this case silk twill - with a woven pattern. The Fete Venitienne I posted, for instance, has a pattern of mandolins woven in. The Napoleon scarf has bees, of course. Hermès does not currently produce jacquard scarves. Hope this helps!

  15. Here is my napoleon.