Hidden treasure: Show off your Jacquard!

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    QM and I were just admiring jacquard patterns in scarves. Show us yours!! Or even if it is not "yours" :yes:
    I am looking forward to seeing more!
  2. CB, those are gorgeous!!
  3. Gorgeous, I now NEED one.... where art thou.... GSF???
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    BZZZ Napoleon....

    Rose, sorry . But I dont think of these are real bugs (as in the other scarf whose name we will not speak :yucky: ). These are decorative little golden lovely gems, OK :yes:
  5. I am glad!! I have no idea why that picture is so huge!
  6. ^^^^

    Those are Ginko Leaves! ( I'm not showing off..I swear!)
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    QM, you are supposed to show off in this thread!

    Here is Orgauphone, lovely jacquard....
  8. Plumes et Grelots: Jacquard holly

    PlumesEtGrelots.JPG PlumesEtGrelots3.JPG
  9. CB, what color border does your Feux d'Artifice have? I think we may have exactly the same one!
  10. :woohoo: :woohoo:

    So pretty tods! I think this is a fun area for grailing, dont you!:graucho:
  11. The skaters in Joies d'Hiver

  12. CB, this is for you. My other Feux:

    FeuxdArtifice_s.jpg FeuxdArtifice2_s.jpg
  13. ^^that is a lovely lush colourway tods!
    Thanks for sharing. I need a jacquard soon.:p
  14. As you might have heard me say before, I am VERY partial to jacquards. I hoard them. Even ones that look horrendous on me. And now you start this thread.. you are digging a nice grave for me right now. :rolleyes:
  15. This is one of those that the flash caused complete change of colors. But I need the flash to make the jacquard come out well. So I've included a third one which was taken without flash and shows the true colors.

    holly3_s.jpg holly2_s.jpg holly_s.jpg