Hidden Link for New Bag

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    me likey!!
  2. you're good at this kwitthyy.. :tup:
    keeeep it comingggg.. lol..
    new prints, new styles.. still just ehhh for me..
  3. ^^ lol.. it's :okay:
  4. Me likey too! But only if its not huge.
  5. I like this style
  6. Darn, it says it's handheld. GWEN I WANT MORE SHOULDER BAGS!!!
  7. 6 1/2" drop i think can fit over shoulder if you don't have a bulky coat on
  8. Yeah, I just don't want an armpit bag, lol
  9. I agree. too ackward looking :smile:
  10. Why in the world would they not make that a shoulder bag?? :wacko:
  11. ^^ My thoughts exactly. Maybe Nordies got it wrong?
  12. It certainly does look like a shoulder bag though
  13. It does to me too. Is the green one made of patent? Can't see...