Hidden Chain bag

  1. I hardly ever hear anyone mention this bag. Was it not very popular? Does anyone know if it went on sale during this time at the boutiques or Saks? I saw one a couple of months ago and am still remembering it as being very pretty....a bit small but nice. Wonder if I could still find one? Gerry:confused1:
  2. Not a single hidden chain fan here?
  3. There's only a couple of pics in the reference library, not very popular I guess. I love the look of it but I was disappointed when I tried it on, I was really looking forward to see the bowler irl but never found it in stores. I haven't seen it in the sales yet.
  4. Personally, I'm not a fan. They did not go on sale at my NM if that helps.
  5. i do have that! have the grayish white flap bag-soft lambskin and i love it!
  6. i don't like this style -- my SA describes it as having scar tissue!