1. Hi- just wondeirng if anyone owns any hidalgo peices and what your experience is with them?! Im thinking about one of the ring sets. Thanks and happy holidays!
  2. i have some and i think theyre great! i love the fact that i can mix and match them
  3. Are they durable? I love the look but am so hard on jewelry.
  4. i've seen them in stores and pics but never on someone's fingers yet.. they are very pretty.
  5. I have several that I have had for a few years. I have not noticed any real dings or scratches. All of mine are the enameled bands and do not have any of the lettering or figures on them. But they are great basics!!!!
  6. I bought one about a year ago from a jeweler on eBay. I was pleasantly surprised at how substantial and heavy the ring is. It's a very solid, thick 18K white gold band (I got the blue enamel ring with diamond "daisies"). I think Hidalgo has some very unique, unexpected jewelry. I like to wear things no one else has so this really fit the bill for me!
  7. I have an American flag ring with diamonds in white gold. I bought two diamond bands to wear with it.

    I also have a yellow gold beach ring - has starfish, dolphin, sea horse, turtle, etc. It is in a pretty shade of bluish green. There's lots of detail on this ring.

    Both are very durable.
  8. I have loved them for a long time and finally purchased 3 to wear together - I love it! The only bad part is I want more...and I also definitely love "different" things.....I receive a lot of compliments on them too!

    hidalgo friday.jpg
  9. I have a few and love them but I really want the flag to wear with my other pave bands. Do you have any pictures? I would love to see how that looks.:love:
  10. Shoes319 I love your rings! That enamel color looks gorgeous!
  11. Very cool ring. I'd like to see more photos of other owners jewelry too!
  12. Thanks! I tried them on this week - but need to save up. I love the deep green with gold. They are heavy in person! Didnt think to try eBay for them.
  13. i love them so much i want to one day get a few, but they are too $$ for me as of now
    and i think they dont even go over size 7 or 8 tops :sad: i need a 9
  14. I have a blue enamel fleur de lis with white gold trim and diamonds, I am hard on jewelry and it has held up great, its at least 3 years old.