Hidalgo Jewelry

i love hidalgo and always want to own one.... but my local jewellers dont sell them, so I think I have to buy online

i particularly like the ring with the insert/interchangable thingy...
One more thought, must stop thinking... Because of the nature of the ring's design, it can't be sized. Is the one you're looking at on-line the correct size? Send me a PM if you want; I know a local jeweler who has them on sale (40% off :yahoo: ) but only in sizes 6 or 6.5. Doesn't work for me.

I had a Hidalgo gold and enamel ring and I loved it. It was really beautiful and well made. Unfortunately it was stolen :sad:

The ring you're looking at is gorgeous.
Hi girls!
I'm a vet, and I wear three Higalgo rings-all black enamel with diamonds and gold animals: Running horses, Longhorn Steers, and Dog breeds. I had them made to a size 5-Maurice Badler gave me a great price-you can have them made in any color of enamel and size you want! Often, eBay gets more than I paid retail-try Badler!!!!!!!!!