Hicks Is Hot !!!!

  1. i dont understand this whole phenomenon about him... :/ he is a good singer, but not too much to look at
  2. god no. he is maybe funny and a nice person to have a laugh with and such. But he is nowhere near #1 good looking person.
  3. I have to admit - I adore him (#1 hottest.... not sure about that)!
  4. I like him too! Especially when he sung "Just Once" during one of the performances!
  5. I was watching Enews last night and they revealed that Taylor Hicks is on the cover of People magazine as the hottest single guy. :Push:
    First of all, i still don't know why he won AI. (Chris Daudry should have won)
    Secondly, he's nowhere near that "hot guy" category. :oh:
    ugh.... I can't stand Taylor Hicks..... :hrmm:
  6. Ewwwwwwwww no way!!! Yucky yucky yucky!!!
  7. Omg.
  8. In what lifetime. Remember they said the same thing about Clay Aiken.:sick: :sick:
  9. Wow. No thanks. I could also be his mother, even though he looks older than me!
  10. wow. no thanks, is right :sick: