hiccups-is that normal?

  1. I have 35 week pregnant and along my pregnancy, I can always feel this rhythmic motion in my tummy and i found out my baby is having hiccups. he does that more often now, maybe twice or three times a day. did you experience that during your pregnancy?
  2. All the darn time!!! My DD hiccuped three or four times per day when I was PG!!:yes::yes:

    When I was towards the end of my pregnancy it got worse, and it was obvious whe she would hiccup.. my whole belly would bounce.
  3. I'm around where you are and yes, my DS hiccups all the time!!! He just did about 20 min's ago as a matter of fact and my DH felt it. He usually starts up before I go to bed and in the morning.
  4. Julia hiccuped a lot during that time, too! It's perfectly normal...I was worried that this would carry on after she was born, but it didn't. She doesn't hiccup nearly as often as she did in the womb!
  5. OMG! LOL! Mine hiccups all day long! Every time I turn around, he's got the hiccups! My first one did also! Very common!
  6. This is perfectly normal. My DS and my DD both hiccupped all day long. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy....
  7. I did with my second one, not with the first one though. Also my baby had these little spasams. I started to get worried but, the doctor said that she was probably just stretching. She was right my LO always stretches, its pretty cute too.
  8. I could feel that with both my babies......nothing to worry about.
  9. Same here, a few times a day too! I think it's really cute!
  10. Yup! mine gets the hiccups a few times a day! My first did too. But I never noticed it with my daughter.
  11. Yup, perfectly normal. Awww, I miss that!
  12. I totally forgot about that! My ds hiccupped all the time, so sweet.
  13. I totally forgot about in utero hiccups- Awe I miss those little things. Yes it's normal.