1. I'm new to the purseblog but I share your passion! I just purchased this bag ....whaddya you think?
  2. Welcome to BV, BagGirl! I`ve never seen such a BV style, neither the patent nor the silver hardware. Where did you get it? Have you gotten it as a vintage piece?
  3. welcome to BV BagGirl30 :flowers:

    that looks like a very interesting piece...balck, patent? right?

    how big is it? it looks beautiful :girlsigh:

    perhaps you can show us a picture wearing it (action shot)?

  4. Interesting material and looks real handy to tote around with. Gotta ask for some action shots!! :smile:
  5. Welcome to tPF, and to BV, BagGirl! What an interesting bag. Would love to get more info on it! :yes: