1. Hi.. everyone .. I am new the Hermes thread.. I am usually at the LV site.. the only Hermes bag I own is a Drag bag , I am currently looking to expand my collection into Birkins...

    I know that everyone of you here are expert of Hermes. So I am here trying to learn from everyone of you so that I could start my collection with the right birkin.. Any suggestions..

    Oh abt me . I am a girl around 5"6, around 24 yrs.. what will be the best size ? Color and Leather ?

    TIA :yes:
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Orange Side!

    With your height? I think you can certainly rock a 35cm Birkin! And you're young, so carrying a 35cm would give you the OMMPH!

    Colour? How about Blue Jean, Orange or Potiron? These are always hot favourites amongst young ladies, especially in Asia. But if you want a colour that is different from the maddening crowd, take a Rouge. Like Rouge Garance!
  3. You can def pull off a 35 since you are tall. The 35's are easier to handle since you are tall.
    The color depends on you. The leather the same.
    I know that I am one clumsy a** so box is out for me since I would scratch it so easily.
    What color is dominant in your wardrobe?
    What colors are you averse to?
  4. Welcome! With your height you can def do the 35. The leather depends on your lifestyle, really. Togo and clemence are casual and forgiving, swift is a bit more dressy and also wears well. Visit the refernce section for a look at colors and leathers. Most of all, have fun with the whole process of choosing!
  5. Welcome!
    I agree w/ the others 35cm would be great for you, togo or clemence, gold is always a nice neutral choice, if you like the pop colors then Bleu Jean is of my favorites.
    Good Luck with your pursuit!
  6. Hi Shopalicious--looking at your LV wish list, a grey or ecru birkin or massai would be pretty; like Mrs S and Penny have recommended, orange, blue jean and potiron are eye-catching and gold and black are timeless. Good luck, be sure to show us what you get!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the orange side! I would suggest a 35cm gold birkin or maybe a black one, depending what colors you have in your wardrobe. lots to look at here so take your time in making your choice and good luck!
  8. Welcome! Yes, I agree with the others here... I think a 35 Birkin would be great for you! If you like something that you can carry with a shoulder strap, the 32 Kelly would also be a very good choice!
    As for the leather, I think all of the H leathers are beautiful. You're young, so you can go for the bold colors, like Rouge Garance, Vermillion, Vert Anis, Blue Jean, or Fuschia!
  9. What about a shoulder birkin in a eye catching hue! Mrs Sparkles has one if rouge garance and it is truly TDF! Or for starters a timeless classic black 35 birkin is a grainy leather like clemence - you'll find yourself using it time and time again. And wonder how you ever managed without it!
  10. Thank you so much for your reply .. !! I will def look into the colors.. I am still learning abt more abt leather and color.. !!

    The only leather I know of is the box calf !! The shoulder birkins are nice as well... but it is so hard picking the leather and color..

    I read that some leather are more slouchy than others !! Can u suggest which leather are better for daily use.. ?
  11. 35cm Blue Jean Togo.

    And WELCOME!!!!!
  12. What is this "welcome to the orange side" business??? Get real women...It is "welcome to the DARK side" :devil::devil::devil:"Muahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.....

    Anyhoo:cutesy:, 35cm for sure, togo leather is nice and casual, gold is my favorite color for a first. Here is my first Birkin....
    33.jpg 11.jpg 23.jpg
  13. see.....I told you blue jean is an ideal color for you. its a great color that really pops. you should rethink about that bag I told you about yesterday pretty girl...

    btw ladies...the bag I am mentioning about is a 30cm blue jean box palladium hardware. shes a bit on the fence about it since shes not sure about box leather. I am a huge fan of box...afterall its the quentissential Hermes leather hehehe
  14. Wow, gold with GH is really starting to grow on me. I'm normally not a fan of GH, but, um, I'm starting to change my mind :nuts:

    Shopalicious, with your height, I think a 35cm will look great on you! I can't help you with color much, as there are so many beautiful colors and it's tough to choose! :p
  15. Haaa. I am still iffy abt it.. the scratches on my drag are so deep ... and u know I am not really gd at taking care of bags.. !! em.... box calf is not an ideal first birkin .. I might consider if it is something smaller !!