1. Hello all!
    I am new to this forum. I am an admitted shoe-aholic & own more purses than I know what to do with so I think I've found a home! Recently I found that I simply HAD to HAVE a large black Chanel bag. I felt the boutiques were out of my price range, so I began to lurk on eBay. I found that burberry_princess has a great tutorial on eBay for how to spot a fake Chanel purse. MANY,many photos. I also didn't jump and bid on the first bag. I figured out over 30 days which sellers had the best feedback & read what buyers said about them. I realized that if the bag looked like it was too good of a deal, it was a fake. I finally purchased a lambskin jumbo bag--it's real, it's in stuninng shape and best of all, it's MINE! Happy hunting! Katie aka lucaka