hi! would love some advice please :)

  1. hi there! so i'm looking to buy my first pair of CLs. I have a pair of boots I got on eBay but this would be my first (and maybe only) true new to me pair. I have been losing weight and saving up for one special thing for when I hit my goal.

    Anyway I had decided I would get the python simples in natural after seeing Christina's. I have my Saks SA finding them for me. Normally I wear a 40 in manolos but he could only find a 40.5 i think.

    Today I stopped at the closest CL boutique to me to try them on and see how they feel. Well, they weren't exactly comfortable. The 40 was the better size than the 40.5 for some reason. The SA put a ped in but that made them worse. Plus the coloring was better on the 40.

    Anyway while I was there I saw the cutest shoes that were mesh on the front. Tried them on and they looked awful on me. But the SA told me about the same shoe with a 100 mm heel and when i tried them on it was love! they're black with a rounded mesh toe and black along the sides. And they were super comfy!

    But I just don't know. I love the look of the python better but the black ones were way more comfortable. The only thing that made me hesitant about the black ones were the mesh at the front. I don't love that you can somewhat see my toes through it. And if it was summer and I was wearing nail polish you could totally see them.

    I read back and saw many of the posters positively hated the shoes. :crybaby: i can't find a pic to show you what they are but i think the name was coucou?

    So, here's my question- if i'm getting only 1 pair should i go with the black or the python? will the python get comfier with wear you think? or is there something else i should look at? i looked in the cl boutique, Saks and bg for cls..... these were the only 2 i thought i loved enough to wear enough and that i thought were different but fit my lifestyle, kwim?

  2. Hey hlfinn...

    Congrats on getting some CL's soon! My gut instinct would say get the black, they are comfy, they will go with most things and they will look good for a long time. BUT in my heart, I am the same as you, if I really love something, that's what I want.

    So I guess you need to think to follow your heart or your head? Would you rather spend >$700 on shoes that you wear a couple of times and hurt like hell or the same money on shoes you could get wear out of?
  3. thanks posh!

    i know.... that's why i'm so torn. the black are truly spring/ summer shoes and would look so cute with a skirt or dress or capris. the pythons are really year long (minus snow and rain) but i just don't know if i would ever be able to break them in to where they feel awesome like the black ones did (then again who knows how good the black ones will feel after i wear them a while).

    do you think the mesh is way trendy and won't withstand the test of time? i know the pythons are classic.
  4. So I guess you need to think to follow your heart or your head? Would you rather spend >$700 on shoes that you wear a couple of times and hurt like hell or the same money on shoes you could get wear out of?

    just reread that and you're so right.... i guess i was thinking maybe i wouldn't get my wear out of the black ones too but i think i would honestly....
  5. These are probably it right?


    I would go w/ the one you are going to wear more. I love the python simples, but if they aren't comfy, then it would be silly to get them. KWIM?

    Definitely get a style you are going to wear! :smile:
  6. yes!! those are it!! what do you think?

    do you think the python will get more comfy with time? christina mentioned she got a whole size bigger and that was best but the only ones they showed me were my size and 1/2 a size up. for some reason my size felt better than the .5 bigger but neither was perfect...
  7. I think they are cute, but I tried mesh pigalles and they were a no go for me. But, that is b/c the shoe was like 1 1/2 sizes too big. lol As long as you have a pedi going on when you are wearing them and there is no toe smushing on I say go for it! You really love them so that's what I would get.

    I think the python will give a bit more, but I'm not entirely sure as I haven't invested in any exotic CLs yet. I do have the black python simples on hold, but I'm still deciding since I don't need another black simple pump. But this is python so it's different right? haha
  8. I say go for what is comfortable and you will wear. I think the python simples will break in like other leather. If the 40's were comfortable and just needed to break in then they are more classic. If they were really not comfortable for you then go for the black ones.
  9. There are a ton of cute styles coming out for spring. You should go to Saks, NM, and the boutiques and take a look at their lookbooks. I feel some hesitation so I think you should definitely invest in a pair you are going to wear not only b/c they are comfy, but also b/c they are beautiful. KWIM?

    Did you try on the black python simples by any chance? Or even the black leather simple pumps are a great investment piece.
  10. the python are 795 at saks (895 at the boutique!) and the coucous are somewhere around 620 i think. the first ones i showed were 620. so it is sort of a big difference. i've been doing this weird saving thing with my weight loss so i'll have enough for either but of course, the cheaper the better. lol. do you think the black is not popular enough that it would go on sale sometime?

    ashakes- interesting because i thought to myself- i can't have my usual summer red pedi with these because it will show through. I figured natural polish only. i worried that my toes looked a little smooshed but i figured they would stretch a little in the toe. it didn't feel bad just looked ever so slightly smooshy.

    the SA did say python is like suede and will give. Which i don't doubt. i just worry about spending almost 1k hoping they will feel better, kwim?

    and the black python are STUNNING. def not your basic black pump :smile:
  11. It's a toughy.. but if you aren't totally sold on the black ones, can you not check for another style? Like, why limit between one or the other KWIM? There are lots out there...two found me in the space of two weeks! Eek!

  12. gem- yes that's the thread i read but i couldn't see the pic so i wasn't sure it was the same one i was talking about. maybe i should wait. i know that they sell out fast but maybe i should think on it some more. i did think they were really pretty though. just was a little unsure about the mesh being see through. otherwise i loved them.

    i went to BG, saks and CL today. i'm in nyc so no neiman's :sad: