Hi, where would someone be able to buy a Cerf at this point in time?

  1. I have decided that I must have the black Chanel Cerf, as it is the perfect black bag, and of course, I cant find it anywhere!

    Do any of you kind ladies know where I can purchase this bag new?

    Any thoughts are super appreciated! :yes::heart:

    Heres one from eBay but for that kind of money, I dont want to go that route for my purchase. Id feel far more comfortable buying from a store, KWIM?
  2. My Saks has the CErf if you want info, pm me:heart:H
  3. Nordstrom in downtown Seattle has the Cerf too.

  4. Im not familiar with Nordies in Seattle and I see there are actually a few of them there. Do you by chance know which Nordies in particular has the Cerf? By the way, YOU ARE AWESOME! I have been looking for this bag all over!
  5. As far as I know there is only one Nordies in Seattle but here's the phone number for the store I shop at: 206-628-2111. Ask for the Chanel handbags boutique. All of the s/a's are great. I use Danny and Peggy.

    Last I heard they had some dark chocolate Cerf totes, white, and possibly black too. I can't imagine they sold out of black since they ordered many pieces, some with gold h/w and some w/silver.

    Let us know how you make out!
  6. OMG! Cerfs come with EITHER silver or gold hardware!? That puts a whole new spin on things. Now I dont know which to get. Which hardware do you like more?
  7. The Cerf for the Cruise season has silver hardware and only on the black and white bags. The Fall 07 season has the traditional gold. I am not sure if Nordstrom has both in stock.

    I prefer silver hw because I wear more silver jewelry. However, I bought the dark brown with gold hw since all of my other Chanel bags have silver hw and I wanted gold for the times I wear my 14K jewelry. Both are beautiful!
  8. NM and chanel boutiques also has them
  9. saw it at the shorthills boutique~
  10. Saks at Chevy Chase has black w/gold and black w/silver hardware, white w/silver hardware.
  11. I just saw black cerf bag @ Chanel Boutique chicago.
  12. i prefer the silver on the cerf. it just stands out so beautifully against the classic pebbled leather. i adore my black cerf, and it is so versatile! the long strap really helps during those days when you're carrying a significant load.

    i purchased mine from the Neiman Marcus in Tyson's Corner (McLean, VA). They had a lovely white one as well!
  13. can someone tell me the retail price of the cerf?
  14. $1995

    Not sure when/if it will be affected by the price increase.

  15. Is the older stlye cerf still available in stores? I was just curious.