HI! *waves* Back & w/ something new ^_^

  1. Hello! Remember me? I sure hope so...lol. 1st off, how is everyone? Missed you all. Been super busy between being on vacation, planning and doing lots for my best friend's upcoming enormous wedding in Oct. (i'm bridesmaid), crazy family issues (ugh) and losing my engagement ring (don't ask...lol) & currently running around building a new one. So, needless to say I haven't been going to LV a lot lately and definately haven't been able to come online either, so these are the multiple fun-filled reasons for my MIA-ness.

    This morning was blah for me, so later on me and Andrew took a well, long awaited deserved trip to LV. My SA picked up a Mirage Speedy in sheer excitement of not seeing me for months and went long, arched her arm and nearly whaled me in the head with it at 55 mph, yelling "heads up!". Well, it didn't QUITE happen like that, but it would have been funny if it did. I didn't like it, but she attempted and she gets a thumbs up for that.

    Saw the new Nimbus colors in person and weren't that taken by them either as I thought I'd be.

    However, I most definately did not leave empty handed. I saw something in person and fell for it and has become my new addition. Glad to be back and excited to share AND see everyone's new stuff. I know I must have hordes and hordes of threads to browse through :heart:.

    Here ya go!


    Denim Neo Cabby MM in Black on the signature messy, unkempt bed you all love and know so well!




    xoxo :heart:
  2. Gorgeous!
  3. GORGEOUS HOT HOT HOT BAG!!!!! congrats....stunning.....love it!!!
  4. gorgeous cabby, congrats!
  5. YAY! I have one too! Most of the Hawaii thread girls do, lol.. it's only fitting you do, too! Love it and love your pictures! Please don't disappear like that again! :heart:
  6. It is a great bag isn't it? I love mine!
  7. Oh and your "photo set" (bed) is my favorite on tPF! :biggrin:
  8. Gayle! So glad to see you back! :heart:

    Love the purchase, as always!
  9. I love the cabby so much! It can be worn so many different ways. Congrats on a great purchase.
  10. *jealous*
  11. nice! congrats!
  12. Weird, I was just thinking about you today?! I have to ask--Did you lose the green diamond?

    Love the bag, Caley and I have one too. Hope all is well! We missed you!!!
  13. I love it! Your background is fun and fabulous! I hope you're enjoying your Neo Cabby MM as much as I am. It's such a GREAT handbag.

    Which color Mirage did your friend get?
  14. Congrats!!
  15. Congrats!!! I love this bag!