Hi--visiting here with a shoe question if that is OK--does anyone have the Noel flats

  1. I just ordered in the persimmon, but, thinking back, were there other colors available at one time? The look like such cute flats, but I am now wondering about what I will be able to wear them with. Just looking for a good review :smile:
  2. yup! there were more colors!

  3. Oh--I love the black and white. I guess the key word here is "were" as in there aren't any left, huh?
  4. i got mine at macy's awhile back...so i don't know.
  5. i saw them at macys this week! :smile:
  6. Thanks!
  7. Oh those are really cute! How do they run? True to size or slightly large? TIA! =)
  8. they're pretty true to size, maybe a smidge on the large size if you have a narrow foot?
  9. that white/black is gorgeous!