Hi to all

  1. Hi my name is Nino and I have an addiction that I'm not currently trying to kick(probably should lighten up though). I am addicted to Coach bags of all shapes kinds colors.I go to Coach stores just to smell the wonderful aroma.I swear you can smell the stores 100yds away. I am currently seeking a 2006 spring patchwork tote. I see a few on eBay but I dont want to have to wait and maybe still not get it. I dont seem to ever see them with buy it now. I was in a Coach outlet last week and there was a girl in there with one, I thought about grabbing it off her shoulder but I was afraid she was really attached to it and might cause me bodily harm so I guess she is still carrying that bag I want want want so badly. If anyone knows where to nab one of these babies I would sure app the info.:heart:
  2. eBay is the only place I know of, honestly. I'd just watch the auctions, put in your highest bid and hope for the best! Good luck and I hope you win one!
  3. Welcome to the forum! :smile: I'm like you, I'm pretty much an equal opportunity Coach lover. I love most of the bags and almost all of the colors. *L* Whick sucks for the bank account, I can tell ya!

    I agree, eBay is probably the best place to find it. How close are you to your outlet? If you know an SA there you can tell her what you're looking for and you can ask her to keep an eye out for you. At my old outlet SA's did that and would snag a bag as soon as it came in, and then would call their customer to let them know it was there and see if they wanted it or not. So you could always try that.
  4. The Spring Outlet PW Totes were on clearance. They had them at Reading today. The Khaki Boutique Ergo Totes - Lancaster had 1 on a manni today.