Hi to all B girls, need your advice please...

  1. Hi there! I have recently become a bag addict. So far I have been buying just LVs. But I have always wanted a Balenciaga. What would be a nice first B bag for me? I'm in my late 20s and have 2 kids :heart: . I also prefer medium sized bags.
    I'd appreciate any suggestions and pics if possible. Thanks a lot!:shame:
  2. I think City it's perfect for a first B-Bag:yahoo: ...
    and since you like medium and have 2 kids...the strap could be useful !!!

    Here is pic of mines:love: : Black and Rouge Vif:supacool:
    City Black  F06.jpg City Rouge Vif2 F06.jpg
  3. Wooow, fromParis! Your Rouge vif city is just to die for!!!! :drool: I got one First in that color too, my favorite!!! :love:

    I think PURSE, CITY, DAY maybe a suitable one for you! :smile: You can do a search on this forum, I'm sure you'll find lots of pics of these styles...:yes:
  4. The rouge is simply gorgeous! I actually held one in my hands the other day but was thinking, would it be a wise choice because wouldn't it have to match my wardrobe? Should I go ahead and get it or should I get a color that can be used a lot? SO hard to decide because B bags have delicious colors :drool:
  5. I think Rouge is a pretty color. You can make a red bag work with almost any outfit. I say get the color you love the most. You'll be an addict and buy more colors anyway - so get it!!
  6. WOW Fromparis, I love your bags-they look fabulous!:love:

    Papillon216, I have so far gone with safe colours and have a black first and city-love them both and carry them constantly:heart:

    I think you can't go wrong with black or red-I am sure that you will love both!:yes:
  7. I have three kids, the city is great if you want more space the day is a wonderful everyday bag as well.

    The color depends very much on what your looking for...everyday passepartout or a pep of color????
  8. I think rouge VIF is a great neutral color. The city size seems like it would be good for you. Rouge adds a pop of color to most outfits.
  9. I think the trick to the red bag is to not wear anything red at all. An all brown outfit or all black outfit or gray - this bag looks great with. Even matching shoes is a little over the top for me.
  10. I say the City as well.

    I used my Lilac City as a diaper bag! It's great if you have a lot to carry.

    BTW no dirty diapers ever went near that bag!

  11. Siri Anne, funny you mentioned using your Lilac as a diaper bag. I have Storksak & a Gucci diaper bag, but seems like I always stuff the diaper/change pad into my B bag! :p
  12. Thanks for all your replies girls :heart: I think I have to sway myself into being a bit more adventurous and trying out the red, cuz this is the color that really caught my attention! :love:
  13. def. city...
    try to get one in daring colour, you can have a lot of choices in neutral color from lots of designers.
    but i think b bags daring colours are the best!
  14. you can see I'm biased...but RED bags rock!!! :rochard: they really do add pop to your everyday wardrobe and Bal has the prettiest reds IMO. :love: I get tons of compliments when i wear mine.:shame:
  15. papillon, go for the red. it's the perfect color for a neutral wardrobe. i'm sure you have plenty of neutral colored bags already. it's time to be adventurous!:graucho: also, if you have school aged children, go for the city. i have young toddler and personally love my works to lug all her stuff along with mine.