Hi There!

  1. yep - another newbie... I've been lurking for a bit and just have to say this place is GREAT!!! Everyone here has shared so much info and your collections are all wonderful!

    I have been a COACH fan for a while and just can't seem to get enough! I have the feeling I will fit right in around here. :O)

    My family refers to me as the "bag lady" as I am sure many of you have been called as well... I even "collect" shopping bags! OK - a little strange maybe - but some of the Coach shopping bags are soo cute! LOL

    Well I hope to get to know you all better and I will share what I can as we go along! Have a gr8 day eveyone.

    8girl - aka Valoree
  2. Valoree.. Welcome! :yahoo:
  3. welcome! glad to have you here!

    (i collect the shopping bags, too...)
  4. welcome!
    I collect shopping bags too, if they are nice lookong
  5. Welcome:welcome: !! I keep the shopping bags as well hidden in my closet. LOL
  6. Welcome! You're not the only one. I keep the shopping bags and catalogs as well as the Coach boxes.
  7. Welcome!
    Hope you share your collection with us.
  8. welcome valoree!!! you can't get enough of tpf!!! enjoy!!! i collect shopping bags too, sometimes i even use them as a bag LOL!:p
  9. Welcome! Definitely post pics of your collection (bags and all!) when you can! Have fun!
  10. Hey there and welcome! No worries, I do the same with shopping bags as well. Theres a great forum, the newcomers lounge for you to introduce yourself so we can keep the other threads less cluttered. I suggest you go there and acclimate yourself. It's always nice to meet a fellow addict!
  11. Welcome Valoree! You'll love it here. We will help feed your addiction! :p
  12. Welcome!! And I have shopping bags stashed under the bed as well...
  13. i too have my shopping bags under the bed but eventually i want to frame them and make them a border on my wall...its a nice wallpaper!
  14. Welcome!
  15. Welcome and stick around!