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  1. :welcome2:to tPF!!
    Pleased to meet you!!:welcome:
    As melly mentioned, we have a separate thread for posting pics and ebay listings in order to authenticate them -- there are lots of knowledgeable users who can give their opinion as to whether a bag is authentic or not. You should definitely post your listing there and see what they have to say!

    While you're waiting, you should upload some pics of your MJ clutch for everyone to see!!;)
  2. Thanks for tip!! Have already made a new thread!:biggrin:

    Here is a pic of my little clutch, its not a good one because its taken with mye iPhone...


    Hope to post more pics in the future of fabulous bags!!;)
  3. hi and welcome!!
  4. i'm a little biased because i have the wallet from the same line, but good choice on a first :smile:
  5. Hello! Welcome! :smile:
  6. hi there! and welcome to the wonderful world of MJ! so nice of you to greet us. i love that clutch and think a hillier would be a fabulous addition!
  7. welcome to MJ! :flowers:
  8. hi and welcome! the hillier is a great bag. perfect choice.