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mulberry haven
Apr 7, 2008
hello fellow mulberry lovers have you seen this on ebay item 250235761963?? are they trying to sell this as a mulberry or not??can they get booted for this or not because he doesnt actually say its a mulberry it says its a petite pink handbag but it looks like a bayswater pink tooled to me it is cute though isnt it replies waiting ladies


Dec 9, 2007

Seeing as they clearly state the following and say that it is "one of a kind" I can't see how they are trying to sell it as Mulberry:

"I am listing this as a genuine 100% leather bag and not a designer bag made by a certain English company"

I doubt anyone on here would touch it with a barge pole though. It's very obviously a fake copy of a tooled Bayswater (it even has Mulberry stamped on the hardware) and because we are die hard Mulberry fans we're only really keen on the genuine thing here. Even though it's a Bayswater rip-off, it's cool that the seller isn't trying to pass it off as genuine (there are so many sellers of fakes on Ebay) and I'm sure that there will be young girls out there who would love it.

I'm sure Mulberry won't be too impressed but as far as Ebay goes the seller hasn't done anything wrong, so I doubt they'd get booted.


Sep 16, 2006
Hi Paul

Are you by any chance the seller? If not, how do you know the seller is a 'he'?

I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll find any takers for the bag here. As Goldfinch says, we are only interested in the real deal, and sadly - no - I don't think the bag is cute at all. Just my opinion, but I actually think it's particularly nasty.