Hi there. Anyone want to see a REVEAL?

Alex Spoils Me

Sofa King Spoiled.
Aug 14, 2009
Can't You See Me???
I ladies and gents,

So here is a little story to go with the reveal. I am the biggest bag w***e:graucho: in the family. My one sister-in-law comes second with bags and the third sister-in-law comes in third with just a couple of bags.

My mother in law on the other hand is the epitome of value and function which equals boring. So the girls and I had a chat awhile ago about getting Mum a bag. (Mum's British and 67, I and the girls are as american as apple pie).

One sil said that she has a friend that works at Fendi and could get a decent discount on a bag. Although I really like Fendi (I have a Spy) we thought that maybe something from Louis would be nice. So on a trip to Paris last year, I always stop at the Mothership to browse and likely buy something for moi. While in the store, mum was with me and I ask the SA to show us this bag I had in mind for mum. Well low and behold she liked it. We tried on the mono in gm, mm, and pm. We then tried on the Azure in gm, mm, and pm. (You will see in a sec what we got her). So we move on after I get me what I wanted. The item was not bought for mum at that time as she would have had a heart attack right there on the Champs Elysees.

That was a year ago. So last week I purposely flew to Paris to go to the mothership and buy the bag (for the sentiment and I wanted a made in France tag). I wanted to have it hot stamped with her initials there but couldn't due to the employee that does it was not in. Rue Montainge LV couldn't do it either. Fine. I buy the bag and have my dh go to King of Prussia to have it done. A week and a half later, Mr. Fed Ex shows up today.:yahoo: Now this is a really practical item and I am so sorry for the long winded story but we are so excited to give this to mum. She is going to scream. Not because of the bag but because of the price. The most she has ever spent on a bag was $80 bucks, lol. So here it goes!