Hi, Tano Gals! Can you help out a newbie?

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  1. :biggrin: Hello! I have been curious about Tano off and one for quite some time but have never pulled the trigger! I am easily distracted! But there are a couple of cute Tanos that I'm considering and wondered if you experts can give me some advice or pros and cons? I'm looking at a Crackberry in Truffle or Baroque Beauty in Mink.

    I need a bag that will sit on my shoulder and not slide off. I cannot wear bags like Belen Echandia's Take Me Anywhere with the wide shoulder strap or the Coach Carly because they slip. I don't need a huge bag either. I own a Hayden Harnett Havana hobo that is perfect for me! The straps stays and all my stuff fits in it without getting jumbled all around. I'm hoping one of these 2 bags might work out for me!

    So, any thoughts?? Thank you very much in advance! :P

    PS. Thank you Voodoo for your message! :smooch:
  2. Hey you!!!! Glad to see you in the Tano SF :hugs: Did you have a good birthday???

    Both the Crackberry and Baroque Beauty are beautiful bags. The Crackberry is crunch leather w/ the unfinished underside to the straps. Tano straps that are unfinished like that stay completely put. It shouldn't have slippage problems.

    The B.B. is velvet leather and I don't know about slippage with this certain bag. I did have a Strictly Sauvage in velvet leather that I sold because I just didn't carry her. But initially when I carried her I didn't have slip issues.

    I hope you choose to buy a Tano! I'd love to know what you think of my favorite bags :P
  3. Hi, Voodoo! I'm pretty sure I'll go for one but I can't decide which! Which leather is softer? Or which leather is more durable? I've read up on them both and it seems lots of gals love the crunch leather but velvet sure looks pretty too! And eventually I'll get a purple Tano because from what I've seen Tano makes the best purples ever!

    Thank you too for the wonderful welcome!! You are the sweetest EVER!
  4. Well, I prefer crunch to velvet. But they are totally different kinds of leathers.

    Crunch leather is very durable....I don't treat my bags and I carry my crunch bags in the rain and they dry right up and you can't even tell they've had a drop on them.

    Crunch leather can start to look distressed and a little dry and when that happens I just rub some Lubriderm Daily fragrance free lotion into the leather in an even layer and the color bounces right back. There's a thread on that here.

    Velvet leather is beautiful, too. It was just made for the one season (Fall 2008). It is not as soft as crunch but it's smooshes quicker and gets puddly. Crunch will get pouty and slouchy after a little wear but velvet seems to slouch right away.

    I think, if size is an issue, the BB is slightly bigger of the two.... BB dimensions are 12.5" x 14.5" x 4.5". The Crackberry's dimensions are 13" x 14" x 4".

    Tano's bags are usually BIG!!! :yes:

    Also....all of these things (other than dimension) are just my opinions.... you may not agree w/ me once you have a Tano IRL...but I wanted to give you my take on it hehe

    And oh my gaw have you seen the F'09 purples....to die for haha
  5. Thanks, Voodoo!! That was very helpful! One thing that makes me lean toward the crackberry is that it has simply a zip pocket on the outside which I prefer. You know, I also like the Dancing with the Star bag! LOL! And yes, I've been checking out those fall bags!! Lovely!!
  6. Hi there, TL! Good luck with your Tano shopping. I love the Baroque Beauty. I don't have one, but have been eyeing that up for a long time. I have seen it in person, and it's really a great bag.
  7. You are very welcome, TL! :flowers:

    Let us know what you decide and if you do get a new Tano post LOTS of eye candy for us :lol:
  8. Thank you, luvallbags!! And yep, I will definitely let you know what I get and share lots and lots of pics for you!! I'm so excited!! I think Tano does great browns too!!! Woohoo!
  9. Welcome!! Tanos browns are realllyyy nice - I have a truffle Minilisa and it's like a chocolate bar. Of the two bags you're looking at I personally like the look of the crackberry better but they both are pretty :smile: And you have to get a purple Tano next! Every purple they've made is gorgeous you couldn't pick a bad one. Good luck deciding and definitely let us know what you pick.
  10. Hey TL!! Good to see you here in Tano-land! I am drooling over your avatar as I cannot wait for our BE orange goody to arrive!!!

    Anyways, The Crackberry has caught my eye as well...and so far i only have crunch bags from Tano...but I love it, fairly carefree when it comes to carrying them...no problems in the rain or anything!

    I just got my first brown (see the Espresso thread http://forum.purseblog.com/tano/reveal-espresso-anyone-482467.html) and it is GORGEOUS!!! So rich, made me realize tano does basic colors well in addition to the rocking colors!

    And I am carrying my Plum Jelly Women Unite bag (one is on bonanzle) and it is the best purple and easy bag to carry!!!

    Let us know what you get!!!
  11. I was looking at the Crackberry too, but it's probably too big for moi. It sure is purty.:girlsigh:

  12. Oh yeah. I think we've brought another person into the Cult of Tano. I can't wait to see what you end up getting. Just make sure that you get it from a place that allows returns. Some of the etailers do not offer returns on sale items. And the two bags that you mentioned are older bags. Definitely check out the places listed in the sticky for Tano stores. Good luck and welcome :welcome::welcome2:.
  13. YAY!!!!!! Welcome to Tano!!!!!

    I have both truffle and mink if you'd like me to do a comparison picture so you can see the color difference!? Just let me know!

    The BB in mink is mmmmm so so pretty, but truffle looks like a brownie and I want to eat it LOL! No joke!

    Tough choice, I say get both ;) lol
  14. TygerKitty! LOL! I wish I could get both! For now, I'm waiting. I've found that I like quite a few styles in the collection that are coming out now so it's confused me enough to hold off until I'm sure. I am pretty sure I want a brown bag and later a purple but I'm not sure of the leather and I like lots of styles right now! Got to narrow it down! Thanks for your help! I'll keep lurking here so that I can learn more about Tano and pick out just the right bag!
  15. Guess what!? I pre-ordered a bag!! :yahoo: I would like to know more about it before the order actually ships (I can cancel if I need to or return it which is good news!) but for now I love how it looks! Attached is a picture of it. It's the Up To There in mahogany! I love the way it looks and am betting that the color will be gorgeous since I haven't seen a brown by Tano that I haven't liked! Well, at least in all the pictures I've seen! LOL! :biggrin:

    Whatcha think? I'll have to wait a bit but that's OK. I have other bags to play with in the mean time and will have fun thinking about its arrival later!

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