Hi quick question about EPI please...

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  1. Hi! I was hoping that someone could possibly help me identify the name of this bag and let me know if you think its authentic or not. It really is a very nice bag in person, It looks almost idenical to an EPI Sorbonne, but instead of only having one compartment, it has 2. Here are some pictures. Thanks a million in advance. Any information is greatly appreciated.


    p.s. the date code reads TH0967 :smile:

    Click the thumbnails for a larger image:

  2. Hello,

    I can't tell you whether or not this bag is real because I'm not familiar with it, but you might get more responses if you repost this in the Authenticate This Louis Vuitton! sticky.
  3. I think it´s a discontinued model? Don´t know the name sorry. It´s gorgeous though!
  4. Thanks, i appreciate the feedback.

  5. Yeah, this has to go in the Authenticate this Thread. :yes: