Hi, question about Bow bag

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  1. Hello everyone, I am brand new to this forum. Never been here before although I have heard it mentioned on makeupalley.

    I have a question but am confused as to whether I'm allowed to ask it (I saw in the rules not to ask "wtb/wts" questions, but I don't know what that stands for??)..

    I fell in love with the miu miu bow bag. I live fairly close to NYC and see that there are 2 miu miu's located there. Do these stores still carry bow bags? Or are they sold out everywhere?? I see some fairly current posts of members talking about their recently purchased bow bags and then I see some other posts talkking about calling around the world searching for these bow bags.. (yikes!)

    I completely new to this designer bag scene. I've never owned any don't know where I should start my search. I live in NJ so if any of you have suggestions as to which dept stores or if any NYC stores carry this bag/brand (i'm not sure of which color because I want to see in person before buying) I would be so grateful.

    Thanks, I appreciate any help or advice greatly.
  2. Hi!! Good news: bow bags are being sold at Miu Miu stores always as they are a classic miu miu bag (unless they sell out, which I don't think has ever happened.) What people are looking for calling around the world are probably specific colors that might sell out in some stores but could still be available at others.

    I haven't been to New York since I fell in love with MM but I know Bergdorf Goodman carries Miu Miu as they do online. I also read somewhere that Barneys carries Miu Miu but I am not sure, that was a while ago when I read it. And of course, the two miu miu stores in NY carry bow satchels.

    Good luck finding one you like!
  3. Hi!! Thanks for your reply! I am so happy to hear these are classic bags. I thought they were sold out for good!

    I went on the bergdorf goodman site but only saw the black color (nero). How can I find out what other colors are being offered? I guess the SA's at miu miu boutique would have to tell me, huh?

    Is the miumiuaddict website your blog? I was there earlier today doing research for the bow satchel lol. Its a very cute site ;)

    Thanks again for your help :smile:)))
  4. Names of colors being offered for Fall: Antico (dusty pink) Nero (black) Deserto (beige like color) Pomice and Argilla (the most popular, kindda hard to describe), Palissandro (brown), Trifoglio (the green from the Fall campaign) and more that I don't remember right now...

    Call one of the boutiques in NY, maybe they can send you pictures of what's available.

    Here are some links with pictures of the colors:
    http://diabro.net/product_info.php/cPath/192_761/products_id/23214 Argilla
    http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod57410017&parentId=cat321201&masterId=cat235702&index=14&cmCat=cat000000cat200648cat203100cat261003cat235702cat321201 Deserto
    http://www.raffaello-network.com/raffties/detail.php?itemid=162509&rangeid=107 Palissandro
    http://www.raffaello-network.com/raffties/detail.php?itemid=162403&rangeid=107 Antico

    Hope the pictures helped, good luck!

    p.s. I am happy you liked the blog, I am a miu miu addict at heart! :nuts:
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    butterfly36029, you are such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for all the links and info!!
    *sends you miu miu covered hugs* :hugs:

    Ps. The bags on diabro are real? I can buy them there too? Sorry I am new to all this..
  6. you're welcome, don't forget to share with us what you get! :tender:
  7. I am not sure about Diabro...I have read they are authentic but have heard mixed reviews over all....I have never bought from them but after reading all sorts of reviews in the forum over time I wouldn't buy from them. I would just wait to find the color I really want from another store, even if they are authentic I wouldn't risk any transaction problem or anything
  8. hmmm, thats not good if it gets mixed reviews. I guess I will have to visit the store and get the entire 'experience' :graucho:
    Thanks again
  9. OP I don't think Barney's sells MiuMiu anymore. I suggest going to 57th Street and you can go to the MiuMiu boutique and Bergdorf's. Also the Prada outlet at Woodbury Commons sells MiuMiu but I doubt they ever get the bow bag. but you could get accessories to match!
  10. morejunkny thank you for the input! :urock: