Hi Purse Forum! I'm hoping you can help me figure out how to clean my Tano bag.


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Apr 15, 2008
I have three Tano bags, but the one that needs cleaning was purchased two years ago. It's called the Safari and is a very light army green color ("olive drab"). The leather is the buttery soft Italian one-- perfectly matte and very squishy.

I was just quoted $95 to have it professionally cleaned. So crazy, considering the bag didn't even cost twice that much! I'm thinking I can just do it myself. There are no obvious stains; just the general wear and soiling that comes with everyday usage.

Any recs for a cleanser I can use? And how exactly should I use it? The more specific, the better. :confused1:

Thanks so much!!


Jul 11, 2007
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Welcome! Tano Expert will be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.

You could send her a private message, too.

Good luck and I hope you post some pics of your Tanos someday!


Sep 10, 2007
I think you should just go to any shoe/leather store and pick up a bottle of leather lotion. It will sort of "revitalize" the leather. Usually, you just apply it in a circular motion, then wait for it to dry, and lightly buff, but it will come with instructions so definitely follow those.

tano expert

Oct 18, 2006
Get a gentle leather lotion and apply it to a soft cloth (not directly to the leather) and then rub it gently and evenly all over the bag. Do not spot clean or rub hard as color may come off. Buff dry.

I have never owned a tag leather bag myself, so I cannot speak from experience, and this is not a product endorsement, but Apple, Tarraco and Meltonian make nice leather lotions. Some people also like mink oil (in a cream form in a small tub- not a liquid form.) Whatever you use, try it on a small, unseen area first to be sure it does not affect the color or finish of the leather. Wait 24 hours to be sure before you apply it to the whole bag.

If you want your bag to stay looking new as long as possible (as opposed to letting it age naturally and get that cool, distressed, vintage-y look like i do!) spray it when it is new and clean/condition it whenever it starts to look dry or dirty. And here is the best (and most obvious) tip: alternate your bags often to prolong their lives!


Dec 27, 2006
I used the Apple Care products (both the cleaner and conditioner, and applied as instructed in their handbook) on my tag leather Tano jet setter and the products did a good job sprucing up the bag (which wasn't in bad shape to begin with at all). Like Alex said, make sure to test a small area first. I was a little freaked out when I saw some orange (I had the melon color) on my clean cloth, but it was relatively light color transfer.

The other thing I would recommend with the tag leathers, is once, after you have conditioned and protected the bag, go ahead and stuff the bag while it dries. The tag leather gets saturated really fast with even a light coating of the conditioners and I thought that stuffing the bag seemed to help it dry a little faster and keep it's shape....