Hi , please identify this ysl bag ..pic.

  1. I have been cleaning my closet and i found some old bags i have never worn and found this YSL patent leather bag. It is very tiny and cute,just wondering if I should keep or sell it? Thanks
    000_0119.jpg 000_0118.jpg
  2. Isn't that called the Parisienne?
  3. YES!! thats it .I never wore it lol, o well it would be a cute dinner bag to hold a lip glass n cell phone , its so tiny thanks
  4. It is cute.. but I guess if you had to "find" it .. you definitely did not miss it before... so Sell it.
    sometimes, it's not just the $$ but to discard excess baggage is truly exhilarating!
  5. Oooooh lovely bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wan it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!