Hi, please identify, is a Chloe`? :)

  1. It is definitely a Chloe paddington. I think it might be the box or messenger shopper style. I'm sure one of the 'chloe experts' will be able to tell you for sure. I think the color is probably creme or vanilla.
  2. Thanks! Lovely, isn't it? :smile:
  3. definitely pretty. I love paddys!
  4. its a version of the paddy hobo.
  5. yep, it is, its the shoulderstrap paddington hobo :smile:

    lovely bag, and v smooshy too ;) Because of the season they were introduced, this one is likely to be the sand colour, and they came in tan, black and a gorgeous dark green before that too! ;)
  6. Very cute... I wonder if it's still available somewhere?
  7. You can find this bag a lot of places, including neimanmarcus.com and bergdorfgoodman.com. They have black, taupe and jade on NM's website as I write this...
    It's the hobo style for '07, I believe this came out in spring of '07 as the "new" hobo style. I have two (brown and khaki) of the old Chloe hobo in the larger size (they made a medium and a large) from '05...and I must say that I like the older style better, :tup:but those would only be found on eBay or in a resale shop....If you like the hobo style, there is another, newer version, that has the lock flipping OVER the top...I think that one is on some websites as well, but I can't remember where I've seen them...Good luck!:wlae: Oh, Sabine's boutique has the newer hobo version in black and in the white:smile:
  8. This picture is from summer or fall '06 though....
  9. Try Sabine's Boutique: http://www.sabinesboutique.com/CHLOE.html

    Sabine is a wonderful person to work with and I think she has a bag similar to that in stock.... or she might be able to order it for you. :smile:
  10. Well, I may have the timing wrong...but it's still available on the websites I mentioned:smile: I thought it was a later bag, but the serial tag will say the year. If it says "'06" on the serial tag, then it IS an '06 style. In any case, if you like it..it's out there!:wlae:
  11. Thanks for the responses! I had a question though: The girl in the pic is at least 5'6 if not 5'7, which makes her a 7 inches taller than me, lol. I'm only 5'. I'm wondering how the messenger style would look on me.... it'll prolly be a bit too big. I wonder if the Paddington is available in smaller sizes, not necessarily messenger style for someone my height.
  12. Anyone? :biggrin:
  13. I bought this one last winter and sold it. I wore it messenger style.......

    I am about 5,3" and it did look a little too big on me and I didn't like it because it was a little too deep to get in and out of!