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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm brand new to this forum and would like some help please. I want to start a bag collection and would like to know which bags are timeless and should be in everyones collection? I'd also appreciate if you could advise on any reputable ebay sellers for me.

    Thanks so much,
    Isobel xxx
  2. I'll move your thread to Handbags & Purses.
    This Newcomer's Forum is really only a place for you to tell us about you!

    Timeless and Classic = Chanel IMO:love:
  3. Louis Vuitton would also be one of those "timeless and classic" brands in my opinion!

    I recommended a Speedy to start off!
  4. Lurke on each forum, you'll soon come across lots of different handbags you simply cannot live without! Welcome to TPF.
  5. Definitely a Chanel! I don't think there's anything more classic than that. Of course, some of the ladies may differ, but a Chanel for me just quietly whispers elegance and ladylikeness if there's such a word hehe.
  6. I think the ultimate classic bags are the Bottega Veneta woven bags.
  7. There have been threads sort of on this topic but I don't know what the right search words would be.

    riffraff's idea is a good one--browse the different designer forums. Buy what you really love, not just what people say is a "must have" bag. But the LV Speedy would be on anyone's classic list; Chanel flap bag is timeless. The Bottega Veneta woven leather bags are classic. If you like Marc Jacobs, Prada, Chloe, etc. ask the members on those forums what they consider to be the most timeless styles and then think about which ones you like best.

    You will have fun!
  8. Thank you all so much! x :yahoo:
  9. I am a big Dior fan, I also love Ferragamo - they're beautifully made but not 'obviously' designer...I'd advise browsing some shops or websites until you find a bag that makes your heart jump...where bags are concerned I believe in love at first sight!!