Hi!! Please help me find!

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  1. I know these weren't very popular! :nuts: But, I am looking for a dark brown Prada fringe bag! Has anyone seen any of these around anymore? Bluefly has the one with the fringe strap, but I am looking for the all fringe bag, the shaggy puppy looking one!!! haha! :jammin:

    Thanks so much for reading and any help you can provide!!!:heart:

    I also know Hogan makes a fringe bag that's no longer anywhere to be found, and Jimmy Choo. Can you think of any others?
  2. Other than calling a Prada boutique and having an SA do a search for you (with would probably come up with nothing), Bluefly and eBay are the best options. Unfortunatley 99% of the fringes are fakes, so don't buy one on eBay w/o getting it authenticated first.
  3. Thanks so much Prada Psycho!! I really appreciate your response. I'll call around and keep on checking Bluefly. And I will check with all you Prada experts before buying on Ebay! You are the best.
  4. You and me both, Daisymae. I also crave that bag (if you do a search, you'll see that I recently posted re it - it's called the Prada fringe nappa tote). A SA (Lisa) had one, recently - Neiman's in Troy Michigan. It was posted in this forum under Prada deals (and referred to in my other thread). I don't know if it has sold - you might do a tPF search to find the info (or let me know if you can't find it and I'll find the link for you). The purse Lisa had was chocolate brown. I am looking for dark dark brown, or black. Lisa had it for about 1/2 off retail.

    I also crave the Hogan fringe in purple suede (and posted re that, too...we must love the same type of bags!) :smile:

    Moderately-priced-wise, Zara has had a cool fringe bag - last season. Nine West is coming out with a navy suede fringe for F/W 2008. You can see it on the ninewest.com website.

    Heidi Klum is pictured in a different thread carrying a Thomnas Wylde Nomad fringed bag - it's current, huge, and very fringed. There is a small fringed Gerard Darel on ebay right now, too, that I found - you could do a search. I think it's being sold from the UK (I like the large Darel bag and am less enthralled with the small one). Overstock.com also has a fringed Prada for sale - it's different than any others I've seen (and not the one we are looking for) - you can search on that site to find it. Jimmy Choo also has a fringed bag this season.

    As you can see, I've been looking! Good luck to you on your search, and let me know if you find your dream fringed bag! :smile:
  5. I agree. I'd rather just get a different bag.