Hi, please help me find a pic of this bag

  1. Hi all. I'm not very well versed in Chanel...only have a pair of sunnies. I was looking through a magazine while waiting for an appointment yesterday and fell in :love: with a bag. Actually, a pair of earrings too that the girl in the ad was wearing, but we'll just worry about the bag right now.

    The ad was in New York Magazine and it was the Fashion Issue, 8-28-06( I think), and it was close to the front, incase anyone has it. I'm in Florida, so I can't find that magazine here. I didn't want to tear it out of the magazine, but now I kind of wish I had :upsidedown: .

    Anyway, the bag was black and looked like a satchel. I don't believe it's the doctor's bag for Fall. It looked like the handles were rolled, like an LV speedy, and it appeared to be about the size of a speedy 25. I looked on the Chanel website and couldn't find it. I called the Chanel 800 # and gave them the description of the ad and the bag, and they told me it was model or style # A33477. I asked what it was called, but they told me there wasn't a name for it??? Actually, the first thing he did when he came back to the phone was give me the price of the bag ($2195). I think he thought I would lose interest then. I asked what kind of leather it had, and he said it was calfskin. If anyone knows what bag I'm talking about and has any pics or info on it, I would LOVE to see it. Thanks ladies. I know this is THE place to ask!
  2. any other info? like quilted, not quilted, diamons pattern but not quilted. . . ?
  3. The ad was in black in white and the pic of the bag was not very big, but it did not look like it was quilted. It appeared to have a good sized hanging CC from the zipper in silver (well, guessing this as the ad was in B&W). Sorry, I forgot to mention about the zipper pull before. Also, the earrings were REALLY nice and I did ask about those when I spoke to the 800#. They are made of resin (I described them to the SA as bone), and have little silver thingies on them. They are hanging earrings and he quoted me a price of $920 for those. Surely this advertisement must be in some other fashion magazines, but this is the first time I saw it. I may have to go back to that office just to see the magazine again!
  4. Have you looked through our photo threads?
  5. Also, meant to add, do a search for PNY or Paris New York in this Forum, that ligne has the CC pulls on some of them.
  6. I spent a loooong time searching last night and could not find a bag that looked like the one I saw. The doctor's bag came closest, but that's not it. The handles I saw looked rounded/rolled and not squared. I told the SA I spoke to this morning that I couldn't find it on the Chanel site (I find that site ridiculous anyway...seems like the more expensive a companies products are, the more user UNfriendly their website is), and he said he doesn't think it's ever been on there. I can't imagine I would see a Chanel ad that nobody else has seen yet. It was actually a 2 page ad. The right page was a full length pic of the model. She was standing and had skinny jeans. The left page was a close up of her head (hence the reason I got such a good look at the earrings)and maybe top half of her body, but not the bag. I didn't have long to gawk at it and then I was called in.
  7. Ok, I just did this and I come up with the doctor's bag being closest in appearance to the one I saw. I could swear though that the handles I saw did not look squared. Also, you couldn't see the sides of the bag clearly, so I didn't see if there was a CC in the center of the bag, like on the doctor's bag. Also, it was mentioned that the doctor's bag was $1795 and a larger version is $1995. The Chanel guy I spoke to quoted me $2195. He seemed to know the ad I was talking about immediately when I mentioned the earrings.
  8. But there's different doctor's bags. . . depends on the ligne.
    That's why I was asking if it was quilted, or just diamond stitches, etc . . . that will help us try and identify which ligne it's from.
  9. So I gather it wasn't a lux chanel.. ummm
    Where the handles like a kelly or shoulder like arch (chain? leather? chain with leather?)? Was the shape more like a bowler? a flap bag?
  10. I keep picturing this, is it at all similar?
  11. Like I said, I don't think it was quilted or had stitches, but it is possible as the pic was small of the bag. I don't understand why the SA had a number for the bag, but not a name.
  12. The handles looked like the handles of an LV speedy, and it was definitely a hand held bag. Satchel style, definitely not flap and no chains.
  13. ^anything at all like the pic I posted? Shape, size. . .anything?
  14. It IS similar because of the style, but for some reason I'm picturing the doctor's bag above as bigger than the one I saw. Do you know if this bag is considered calfskin? That is what the SA said the bag in the ad was. Also, there's the price thing again. The SA quoted me $2195 and the above bag is $1795/$1995 depending on size according to another post I saw. Of course the SA could have given me info on a totally different bag. I really do like the doctor's bag though. As soon as I saw the post on the Fall/Winter bags when it was first posted, I liked it.
  15. ^yes, it's grained calfskin