Hi PF! New member- just got burned by fake bags:(

  1. Hi Purse fanatics!
    I'm pretty sure I just spent money on two fake YSL muse bags. I'm at my wits end and feel like such a dummy!
    Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the oversize muse? even the Saks & neiman site seem wrong:confused1:
  2. Hi Kag and welcome to Tpf! If you go to the YSL sub-forum, the girls will help you with the dimensions on the Muse:smile:
  3. Thanks maggie7!!!!!!! will do.
  4. Hi Kag, so sorry to hear about your fakes! When I was a new & naive handbag-lover I bought a Kooba on eBay once and found out several months later that it was a fake! Now I just shell out the dough to buy from authorized retailers...
  5. Hi! It's getting tougher to tell the fake bags from the real ones! Luckily there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here!
  6. I ALWAYS shop at Selfridges, Harvey Nichs or Harrods or the Designers Flagships (In Europe) when I'm out of the UK.

    Surely, it is not possible to get "burned" at this locations? (Fakes, i mean?)
  7. Hi Kag! Welcome!!
  8. welcome! :flowers:
  9. hi and welcome!
  10. Welcome :cutesy:
  11. no way!! i just found out the kooba i bought is a fake too!! AARRGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why are people do dam* crooked?????????????
  12. Ugh, fakes are the worst! I think a lot of ladies here have been burned before.
  13. I am so sorry about what happened... Where did you purchase these YSL bags?
  14. eBay.....
    again... three times burned!!!!!!!!!! if i haven't learned my lesson by now i am TRULY a fool:push:
  15. Welcome KAG! Why don't you try to complain to ebay?