Hi! Newbie with her first BV bag

  1. Hi to all :smile:

    I'm new to tPF. Found it by chance, and I must say this forum is great!

    I just bought my very first BV bag - the medium ebano veneta, and I am really really loving it! It's such a roomy bag - here's a pic with all my usual stuff in the bag.

  2. welcome to tPF and the BV forum kab77! BV makes the best brown in town and I am seriously lusting something in ebano myself. I am having a hard time resisting because many members have been posting items with ebano lately.

    Congratz! it's absolutely beautiful!
  3. Welcome, kab77! Love your ebano veneta; classic color and style. You will love how soft and slouchy it gets with use!
  4. Catabie and Ouija board - Thanks! I always knew my first BV would be a medium veneta (it's such a nice classic shape!) but I was debating between ebano and nero for the colour.

    and Catabie - Congrats on your pregnancy! I've been trying for the longest time for kids, but so far, no good news yet.
  5. Lovely bag! Congrats, kab77! :tup:
  6. welcome and your bag is the ultimate classic bv :heart:
  7. Welcome to the tPF, and the BV sub, kab77! :flowers:

    Your Ebano Medium Veneta is a great way to kickstart your BV collection!
  8. Welcome, kab77, your Ebano Veneta is such a gorgeous piece to build a whole BV collection around it (beware, we`re all good enablers here ;o)
  9. Wow, we are bag twins......this was my first BV too. I love it!
  10. Welcome, kab77! Congratulations on such a fine, classic BV!
  11. congrats :biggrin:!
  12. Hello kab77, welcome to the BV club. You chose the most classic of BV bag and colour - the Veneta in Ebano. Excellent choice! Do check out BV's colours, there are awesome and be warned though, this would not be your last BV. :smile:
  13. Welcome to the Purse Forum and the BV subforum!

    You have excellent taste--the Veneta practically defines BV, and Ebano shows the weave beautifully. I'll bet you'll receive lots of compliments on your lovely bag (just the first--more to come).
  14. That was my first, also. Such a great choice! Enjoy it!
  15. Ditto everyone else! what a fabulous choice - and it won't be your last! LOL!