Hi, Newbie trying to choose first Mulberry!


Feb 2, 2010
Hi folks,

After many moons of searching I've decided the Bayswater is for me - simple, classic, big enough to carry my life in...

What I'm stuck on is the choice of colour/leather. I'm a classic girl really and think black should be the colour, as it's the most versatile and I'm not really into having loads of different bags. I've got a vintage tan satchel for casual/summer but I want a traditional handbag for everyday and office.

SO. Is the bayswater durable for every day?

In terms of the leather, I must say I find the classic NVT leather a bit matt for my taste - I prefer a smooth black leather. For this reason I'm quite tempted by the black patent. What do people think of the black patent? Too shiny? Too showy? Not right for every day? If it was wrinkled patent I think it would be perfect, but they are what they are...

I'm in the UK so need something that can withstand the weather. Can also go to the factory shop in Somerset and certainly plan to. Has there ever been a wrinkled patent black bays? Does the factory shop stock older ranges?

Sorry for all the questions! Would love to hear your opinions...


Sep 12, 2008
Morning and warm welcome :welcome:

I'm Bays girl, I use them in turns for workhorse. For that reason I don't have plain patent - scratch worries me & also inevitable (so I heard) crease may bother me. However wrinkled patent (eg. Rouge Noir) or patterned patent are totally suitable for everyday use IMO.

Go to outlet/shop and try it on, pull all the stuffing out and put your things in, carry it around. I don't know if you need to walk with her everyday (I commute by car) and if you ever owned heavy side of bags - see how you feel!

Bays is tested classic bag - you won't go wrong! Good luck and let us know the outcome :flowers:


Nov 23, 2009
Cambridge, UK
Hi Irene - welcome to the forum. The only slight downside with a Bays is that the handle is short - they do just fit over your shoulder, but if you want something that fits there more comfortably it might not be the best bag for you. They are totally gorgeous though and I love my oak version - as ratrat said - the perfect workhorse.


Aug 6, 2009
Welcome to the forum, as said above the factory shop is the perfect place to shop there is a particular style of bays you might like sold only in the outlets which has great savings compared to the high street, I am off sunday to have look at one myself good luck, and beware this is the gateway to obsession! Once you smell that lovely leather you will be an addict like the rest of us! Glad you found your way here


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Dec 21, 2008
Peak District, England, UK
I'm a huge Bays lover and I'd second other posters in recommending an outlet for your first purchase as there are some real savings to be made. Great choice for your first Mulberry bag - chic, functional and timeless! :biggrin:


Jan 29, 2010
I'm a newbie too (first post, hello everyone!)

i bought my first mulberry about 4 months ago, chose a bayswater as i ound that they're just the right size for everyday use and the buckles at the side aloow you to fit more stuff in without it looking like it full to the brim!

i too had issues with picking a colour, i thought a nice classic colour like the tan leather one would be best. i thought that a good plain colour would match everything and would be a good choice.

However at the last minute, i saw a patent bright(ish) green one that i fell in love with. i though at the end of the day if i'm spending that much on a bag it should stand out. but im a fan of the eccentric colours and not everyone is, i just liked the idea that it would clash a bit with whatever i was wearing in a good way, and look a bit different.

hope this may help!


Welcome to the forum Irene. Yes the bays is a classic. I have 4 and love them. However, they can be a little difficult to use - heavy, short handles and I have to put mine down to get stuff out. The classic colours are rarely available at the outlets (but not never!) but there are some gorgeous leathers available. I really think you should take ratrats advice and try as many as you can. You might find you fall for something completely unexpected. In any case I'm sure you'll find something gorgeous for us to drool over so please keep us updated.
May 7, 2007
Welcome to the forum.

The Bays is a great bag and Black would be a good choice as its neutral and Patent is okay (although its not something I go for personally).

The handles are quite short so it can be difficult to get the Bays on your shoulder so as some have said, if its important to get the bag on your shoulder the Bays might not be the bag for you.

The outlet shops are fab (Bicester and Shepton) are my personal favourites and I believe these have the most stock. If you know definitely what you want then all the Outlet shops do Mail Order so you can phone any of them and buy over the phone.

They do have older ranges and specials and samples. The Outlet Special Bays normally don't have the Key Cloch on the bag and sometimes don't have the feet on the bottom.

Good luck with finding your perfect Mulberry but be warned it won't be your last!!!! Its a dangerous addiction that just grows and grows!

Have fun.


Sep 2, 2008
Northern Ireland
Hi and welcome!

I love the Bays style and have four of them - oak, chocolate and black Darwin leather (NVT) and smudged putty leopard patent. I was never a fan of the black NVT either until I saw a woman carrying a well used one. The patina on her bag was so glossy and gorgeous. I bought mine very soon after that and use it constantly!

I personally wouldn't go for plain patent as I would be terrified of getting scratches on it - they show so easily on plain patent, while on patterned patent the scratches aren't nearly as noticeable.

I can fit my Bays over my shoulder with a thin coat on, but not a thick one. I'm not that bothered though because I actually prefer to carry the Bays in the crook of my arm. Yes, it can get heavy but it looks so good! I use mine to tote my daughter's stuff as well as my own so I would say that the style is very hard-working, especially in NVT leather.

Have fun at the outlets and be prepared to fall in love with something you hadn't even thought of!


Dec 29, 2009
Washington Crossing, PA
Hi. My first Mulberry purchase was a Bayswater in Chocolate and I really love it. I bought it sight-unseen and had it shipped. The SA and I spoke for quite a while going back and forth on the bag and the color. I picked the chocolate because it would hide more scratches and I thought it was a good color for the winter months - the SA said that this was also his favorite color.

That being said, the bag is beautiful and I am sure you couldn't go wrong with any color you choose.

The one downside is that is hard to put over your arm, especially with a heavy winter coat on, because the handles are short Without the coat, much easier but then I would freeze outside :smile: The other downside I find is that the inside 2 pockets are a bit small to put a cell phone in.

As others have said, go to the store and look at the colors and see which you love the most. You can't go wrong with a Bayswater :smile:

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Feb 15, 2009
Cotswolds, UK
Hi Irene

Welcome aboard the Mulberry Mad House!!!

Well, what a lovely conumdrum.......which colour Bays (my fave question ever!)

As the other girls have suggested, go have a try/on session at Shepton - you should get to see a selection of all the different leathers across all Mulberry styles.

KLP gave good advice when she said the NVT bays gather a wonderful sheen with use so please dont worry about NVT looking too matt.

The outlets (at various times) should have different colours and recently they have had the black & choc reptile print (med scale mock croc print).

The outlets also do a Black Bays in a leather called "Arno" - its a much softer leather than NVT so when you go to Shepton, please have the SA confirm what leathers they have.

Good luck & enjoy Shepton................Im very jelaous!


Dec 14, 2009
I have a black bays and i absolutely love it! It would probs be best to go try some on, then you know if it will fit on your shoulder over your coat etc - some pple seem to have problems with that but I'm very small so mine fits comfortably even when I wear a wool coat with shoulder pads. Using Collonil spray on my bag made it look richer and less matt imo and the go like that over time with use so I wouldnt worry about that.


Jul 15, 2007
I deduce that you are seeking the bag Miss Adler.

The Bayswater is a wonderful classic but are you sure that you would not prefer something more scandalously bohemian?