Hi! Newbie needs help picking out 1st Balenciaga. :)

  1. Hello, everyone! :smile:

    I'm new to posting, but I've been lurking as guest for sometime now. I'm truly amazed by the gorgeous Balenciaga collections you ladies have! I've been trying to figure out what color to get for my first one. I have dark brownish black hair and warm coloring(medium tan skin with yellow undertones). I wear all sorts of colors---brown, black, pale soft pinks, blue, yellow, and red. I know I want The First/Classique style. I orginally planned on just ordering the Rouille until I saw all the beautiful pics of the Origan and Ink. What color do the experts here recommend for me? I'm going to call in my order tomorrow morning(going to call Joseph at BNY--thank you all for your recs!). Also, I'm going to buy another one from the Fall 06 colors--thinking the Red one(the fire engine one, not the oxblood) or Camel.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. get the rouille, the rouille, the rouille, i have one & it's TDF!!!
  3. I have both the rouille and ink. I think both are great. If you preorder the red, will it bother you if your other one is sort of in the same family? If so, then get the ink over the rouille. If you get the camel, then it is a toss up.
  4. Aaallabama--Hi! :smile: I'm definitely starting to lean towards the Rouille esp after seeing more pics of it. Do you find that yours is getting darker/redder as you use it more? I'm so afraid it's going to be this crazy orange purse. lol.

    Chigirl--Hi! :smile: Yeah, I was thinking about whether I would be happy with buying both the Rouille and the fall Red. I'm thinking about how lovely the Rouille would be for summer, so I'm leaning towards the Camel now if I get the Rouille.

    Also, do either of you know how to pronounce "Rouille"? I would hate to sound like a dork when I order it over the phone tomorrow. lol. Also, does anyone know if Joseph works tomorrow?

    Thanks so much, Ladies! :smile:
  5. Just from experience, I think I would either order Ink or black to start. Atleast you know it will go with everything and wont get dirty as easily. And then later down the line go for more of a lighter brigher kind of color.
  6. Kimmie makes a good point. I started with the neutrals and added a little color and am back to the neutrals. That being said, rouille is not a bright orangey color. I have it in hobo so it is a lot of bag and I get tons of compliments on it. Not sure how to pronounce it so you can say "rust." I think I can use it as I would a dark red bag.

    Do you need to preorder? Why not wait until the colors come in to see them in IRL? I don't think they will run out of them.
  7. Hi, Ranskimmie! :smile:
    That's what I was starting to think. The Ink is really gorgeous, too, and black would definitely match everything. I really love the Rouille for summer, though. I wish I could just get both! I heard the leather on some of the darker colors weren't as nice--problems with uneven color/uneven dye job. Or was that just with the fall 05s?

    Ladies, should I totally pass over the Origan as a 1st bag, then? Is it not as versatile?
  8. I agree with Kimmie and chigirl- I would start with a neutral color first and then move into the fabulous colors. And don't worry about how you pronounce anything over the phone, Joseph is a sweetheart.
  9. I would love to be able to see them(esp the Rouille) IRL, but there isn't a store that sells Balenciaga anywhere near me. :sad: For the Fall 06, I will definitely wait until the come out to make my decision. I'm just afraid that if I wait until then before deciding on the rouille that it will be sold out everywhere.
  10. I think start with a neutral, I started with a grey which looks like this (shameless re post of loved BBag)
  11. Hi, Jag! :smile:
    Do you think Origan is a nice neutral to start off with?
  12. And my next one was the bordeaux city..

    After your neutral you can go wild with color like our hero kimmy:yes:
  13. I have the Origan, and i love it, it goes with so much, and doesn't look that seasonal color wise.
  14. Hi, Irishgal! :smile:

    lol. Ok, I'm leaning towards neutral now perhaps, Caramel(if I get this, I will pass on the Fall 06 Camel) or Origan.
  15. Irishgal---I was looking at a Bordeaux on Ebay recently--http://cgi.ebay.com/AUTH-Balenciaga-First-Bag-in-Bordeaux-w-Receipt_W0QQitemZ6887024934QQihZ013QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    It's gorgeous! I think it would nice for fall. I wonder if Oxblood will be similar.

    Hi, kahk3000! :smile:

    What colors do you like to wear the Origan with? It looks like a light olive color to me. Does it look good for browns, pale pinks, and yellow? What colors do you find clashes with it?