Hi Newbie. In need of the perfect red bag...


Dec 22, 2006
I think everyone is really...I'd love some suggestions if you have any. I think I'd prefer a deep red or brick red. Not orangey red. Also not really small. I really like the shape of the Gerard Darel Charolette bag or maybe even a slouchy bag.
I think I'd like to stay under 500$ though on this color. :smile:
The Marc Jacobs Blake in tomato is cute!

Oh wow! SOme excellent ideas here! Love the shape of that first tano bag. I agree. MJ has some great red bags. I like their brick and true red one. I wish that our off 5th had great bags. They did not have much of anything the other day.

Love the garnet color, but not the shape of tht bag really.

Thnaks again and keep me in mind when you see a red bag! :wlae: