hi, newbie in lady dior exotic, need some advice

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  1. hi ladies,
    i just bought a lady dior medium size in lizard..while i love it so much but i am scared to use it because its SOOOO stiff!

    i need advice from you experienced dior users how to put stuff inside this bag....i usually use birkins and kellys from hermes and i use purse organizer easily, but with this dior lizard....not even my long wallet i dare to put in....

    help....teach me? tia
  2. You should feel free to use it. By using the opening more often, it will soften up nicely.

    If you are afraid that the shape of the bag may change over time, then you can cut out thin hard plastic sheets (or cardboard) and place them inside the bag so that the contents won't dent the bag. You should also stuff the bag up with tissue paper when you're not using it in order to maintain its shape.
  3. I can't find this product in USA. Do u know other wax does as good as this german wax? Thanks
  4. Try Saphir Reptan instead (it's also called: Saphir Medaille d'Or Special Reptile Beauty Milk). It's available through various retailers in the US.


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    But I'd recommend ordering directly through a reputable company, i.e. Kirby's Hanger Project... that way, if you need assistance on how to use a product (i.e. Saphir Reptan), you have access to their customer service. Especially since Saphir projects do not come with exhaustive guides or tutorials... and Kirby's provides a brief tutorial in the product description that is helpful... as well as a leather overview guide that is helpful.

    Saphir Special Reptile Beauty Milk (Reptan)
    Overview of Different Leathers and Their Care

    Also... if you haven't already done so... your exotic H items would benefit from Saphir Reptan, too... (as upkeep, in between trips to H spa). ;)


  6. Thank you, I am placing order directly from the website u gave me. I just receive my 1st python lady dior and i am so excited about it. Can i carry it outside often. I have plan travel NYC this july
  7. Oops... fyi, OP... reference to exotic H items was for your benefit. ;)

    GL! :smile:

  8. Congrats!

    I'm sure with care... that your python will remain quite lovely... :smile:

  9. :sad: I dont know wat's wrong with that website, in stock condition but when i check out, it wrote back order, but i don't care so i still want place order. After put shipping info and billing info and even credit info, it start processing then it kicked me back to beginning check out

    I don't know if it did receive my order or not yet? Do i re-order again or do nothing
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    When I've ordered from them, I've received a confirmation e-mail. If you haven't received one, I would send them an e-mail or contact them during regular business hours for the status of the order (or to place an order, if the order didn't go through): Contact Us

    (btw, fyi... while browsing the site today, I've noticed odd "glitches" on IE. On the other hand... the site seems to be OK on Google Chrome. But... I would contact cs before re-ordering...)

  11. I did send email to them. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend :smile:
  12. Hey Vidavis how is doing with your python bag. I was wondering did you end up using the product that was recommended here?and how did it go?
    I have a python lady dior too and im thinking about conditioning it myself :smile:
  13. I did buy the product but so far not using yet, i will let you know couple days later