Hi, newbie here with some Qs : )

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm a new member however I've been browsing a lot for the past several days. I love this place and especially the chanel section and bags : )

    If all you experts could please enlighten me I'd appreciate it very much.

    I don't own any designer bags though if I will decide to "invest" in one then it would probably be a Chanel bag (I'm 20 by the way)

    It seems there are a lot of recommendations for newbies about the classic flap, I'm wondering does it come with the vertical stitching like in this photo?

    Pink!!!!!!! ♥ on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Also what colours does it come in?
    What size would you say that one is?
    Where can it be purchased in Toronto and for around how much?

    What colours suggestions would you recommend with a completely black wardrobe, my handbags have always been black also, or a light canvas with black designs or beading, I'm willing to try something new though.

    Thank you so very much in advance!
  2. Hi, welcome!!!
    Vertical stitching is a feature of the Mademoiselle Ligne.
    You could call the Chanel 1-800 # and ask what colors the Mademoiselle Ligne comes in and where in CA you could find it, I've never seen it in the color in that link.
    Maybe it's not MM{?}
    The Classic Flaps are normally quilted, but don't feel like you need to get a Classic Flap.
    It's not the right bag for everyone.
    Right now it's not the right bag for me and I'm 11 yrs older than you.
    Have a look through our Reference Library, there's some fantastic Chanel bags out there!
  3. Thank you for the welcomes and reply : )

    I really love the vertical look, I think I've actually seen it here on the forum but I can't remember where.

    As for the classic flap with the quilted diamond look, it's probably my second choice since I really love it's design and shape.

    Thanks for the advice, I wish there was a huge online catelogue displaying all the bags, sizes, colours, patterns and prices :idea:

    If anyone has any more suggestions or info about that bag on flickr. please feel free to let me know.
  4. Our Reference Library is the best place on the internet to look:yes: