Hi! Newbie here, looking for a discontinued Coach bag

  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if any of you can help me figure this out- a few years ago, Coach came out with these gorgeous totes in patent leather- one was in a deep red, one in black. I am now kicking myself for not buying it!! :crybaby: I tried looking on eBay but can't find it anywhere. Do any of you know what bag I'm talking about and what it's called? Thanks in advance!!:smile:
  2. I'm sorry but I have no idea. It is nice though!
  3. I did see the gallery totes in patent leather last year. I friend of mine bought a blue one.

    I don't know if it came in that color though so maybe someone can shed some light as to what colors it came in. Or you could always call Coach (or an outlet) and ask because I do know for sure that the gallery totes did come in patent leather, I'm just not sure of the colors beside blue.
  4. Thanks for your help! They have the blue one on eBay too, it's a gorgeous color. I think I'll call Coach, and the outlet near me too.
  5. Get a hold of the outlets because they were there the last time that I was there and they were on sale!!! Also, check department stores because all the patent around here is at least 25% off.

  6. Thanks Ashley!! Wow they have a lot on ebay, a lot of them are blue. The blue ones are around $200 but the mahogany ones are around $300... I'll see what they have at the outlet store before I buy anything on ebay. I am just in :heart: with this bag!