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  1. Hey guys! i joined not too long ago but this is my first post!

    ive accumulated a few purses,, ill be posting them soon as soon as i get the last one

    well i have a little story

    i went crazy and submitted a super high bid on a used playground campeggio(with a small cut in it no less, which will drive me crazy, but i think ill have to fabric glue it down or something), because i had to have it!! and because the other person bidding said they would top any bid, i bid more than i should have for fear they would outbid me.

    well now im regretting it :sad: considering thats more than my paycheck and that its over retail :sad: i can technically afford it but i should really be putting that money towards my big credit card bills!!

    make me feel better about my purchase haha!!!

    but yes as soon as i get this i will post my collection!!!
  2. welcome and congrats on your pg campeggio!! hmm geez maybe the bidder was the seller with another acct... hoping to get more $$$ from you? idk..just a silly thought..but i guess what matters the most is that youre happy with your purchase and i hope you are :biggrin: so congrats!! cant wait for pics!
  3. oooh I think I know which playground you are talking about!!! I know it's easy to get carried away on ebay... I think I have made impulse purchases before.. you kinda get into this competitive thing and just want to WIN!!!! :nuts: Now I set my max before I start bidding, or better yet, use bidsnipe or whatever, and let that do it for me... then I can make a 'rational' decision beforehand and if it's over my max, it's just not meant to be!!

    Anyhoo... I think it will be fine. I'm sure once you get it you will love it... i paid over retail for an original print bag, I don't regret it at all!! :yes:
  4. hazelnut and vmasterz thanks for the welcome!

    well i really wanted it.. i just hope i can fix up that cut and clean up any signs of use!!!

    i think im set with all the bags i want for now

    just to get a denaro
    and i need to see the new prints before i decide if i want any

    i know i probaly dont want tutti or famiglia but havent seen the others!
  5. Welcome! I am willing to pay more for a print which I really want too but of course, a girl has to plan and budget as well. He..

    Btw, why not a tutti? With the famiglia I can't understand. I don't like the initial pic of the print too.
  6. well its not that i dislike the tutti,

    i like it but im not IN LOVE with it

    so unless i can get one at a discounted price ill probably not get one and if i do maybe a denaro? dolce or caramella?

    im thinking the black and white one. is tutti,, hope im not mistaken..

    haha i need to limit my spending too!
  7. The pic you saw is mostly just the print. I don't think with a name like Tutti, it's gonna be black and white. Perhaps they are keeping the colors underswrapped to prevent counterfeiters. I am thinking along the colors of jelly beans. Hope I am right!
  8. It's black and white. I saw a photo of a sample bag. Tutti means "everybody" or "everyone" in Italian.
  9. Really? Uhm...then I will have to rethink whether to get just the denaro for collection sake. Aww.. it would be nice if it has tonnes of colors! Even Adios Star has some splashes of colors.
  10. Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the trasporto pic (PM). But yeahh...I hope you LOVE your bag when it comes in. How much did you pay for that campeggio anyway?
  11. its ok! thanks though :smile:

    200 :'(:cursing: haha is it horrible?
  12. Hello!
    Welcome to the forum and congratz on ur campeggio ;)
  13. Hi! Hi! I am new too! How much did u get it 4?

  14. Hello!!

    200 :sad: too much:sad:
  15. welcome & congrats. it is stinky to pay more than retail for things, but if you really like it, that's what counts. or that's what i think. there's a bag i definitely want that is on evilbay right now, but am refraining from getting since i know it would have been $80 cheaper if i'd just bought it when that print was out..ughhh my stupidity. ha