Hi! New to this thread, have a question

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  1. Hi everyone! I totally love the Miu Miu bag that TPF had on the website a few days ago - it's black with two pockets. I totally love its sublety and it looks luxuriously soft. My question is: What is the difference between Prada and Miu Miu? Are they both sold together at Prada shops?

    I know the Miu Miu is named after the designer but I don't see much difference in the leathers. The only design that looks distinguishably different IMO is the Coiffer bag. ( I hope I spelled it correctly!)

    Anyway, I guess I was just wondering. Thanks for your help!;)
  2. Miu miu and prada are sold in seperate boutiques and they are totally different collections

    miu miu is named after name od prada head designer, MIuucia PRada. Miu MIu is her childhood nickname

    overall look of miu miu is much younger and edgier than prada..... Girlie yet unique
    prada in my opinion has more timeless and classic shape
    of course the bags are very very different
    leaner wise, they both have thr nappa leather, but rest of leather treatments are very different

    what do other ladies think????
  3. Thank you! That was just what I was looking for!
  4. well said! thanks kiki119!