Hi, new to the board, does Chanel still make this purse?

  1. It was from the end of 2005, might have been part of the 2006 spring line. Does anyone know the name? Or if it is discontinued, do they make something similar? Thanks!
    Chanel 2005.jpg
  2. Hi, and welcome to tPF! :flowers: I know that bag. It also came in black and a pretty burgundy color. And it was available in two sizes. But I haven't seen one around for quite a while.
  3. My NM almost always has one of these on display. . . I don't know the Ligne name though.
  4. welcome to the board and no it is not current but there were several for sale on eBay that ended today that look to be authentic, if you are not sure about authenticity, the experts here can spot a fake from 1000 yards so you can always post to the authenticity baord here. I saw one for sale this past holiday season at Neimans on markdown, cannot recall how muhc. but that is pribably why they are on sale on eBay, there was probably some inventory and poeple bought them on markdown to resell them on eaby so if you find one and buy one, do NOt pay full retail for it. They were made in the caviar leather and were a cure medium sized bag! good luck