Hi, new to the board. Does anyone own the Legacy 12704

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  1. in purple? Debating on purchasing it off ebay, or does anyone know if they are at the outlets?
  2. they were at the outlets. They are getting hard to find there though. You can try calling your outlet and asking.
  3. Just called, my outlet doesn't have them. Do you know how much they were going for?
  4. Yes I own one, LOVE IT, (using it right now), and yes they have already hit the outlets. Probably long gone! I had to buy off evil-bay! But I Love mine, and am glad I did!:tup:
  5. They were 179.99 at the outlets (after factory markdown and 50% discount), and first hit them just before Thanksgiving.

    I got one in bottle green, it's a lovely bag!
  6. Thanks so much, I guess I missed out. I'll keep looking.
  7. Is 12704 the zip satchel??? I'm soooo bad with the actual style numbers! If it IS the zip satchel, I've got it in purple and it's in the top 3 of my FAV bags!!! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to answer them for ya!! I'll attatch a pic of mine. Is this what you're talking about???

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  8. that bag rocks I would grab one off evil bay there are still not to high at least compaired to retail
  9. i have two in that style.

    one Black & one in Bottle Green..

    *still thinking if i am going to put them up on *bay*

    I prefer 12705, i have three, black, grey & espresso.

    im really into purple...

    but.............. if you are planning on checking out ebay, as they are pretty much sold out at the outlets, a word of advice.. , if you pay more that $300 its to much. if you can get one lower that would be better. as the seller probably paid around $179 or less for it.

    i purchased my Green 12704 & grey 12705 for full price. i missed the outlet sales, so i ended up buying the others for around $250 i think (on the bay)
  10. Mzedith, can you describe the difference between the 12704 and 5? I've seen both in pictures, but not in person. The 04 has the second tier in the back when it's on your shoulder, right? Other than that, I can't differentiate them.

    I have the top handle and the 12710, but I'm considering getting the 12705 and returning the 12710. They did have the 12654 (the shoulder flap) in the Orlando outlets last week still.
  11. sure...
    12704 is a Satchel.

    • double rolled handles with detachable strap
    • front Pocket with turnlock closure
    • Full zpper clousre
    • Rounder and shorter, i belive same width
    12705 is a Tote

    • Double flat adjustable handles (no detachable strap) - but they don't slip off your shoulder like a lot of flat handles
    • Front Pocket with Turnlock Closure
    • Between the front pocket and bag is an open slip pocket
    • Zipper closure. But not full. when un zipped all the way the zipper comes apart (like a jacket, might be a good description)
    Both are fabulous bags. The Satchel is rounder as the Tote is a bit taller. the reason why i like the tote better is because it carries nicer when i put alot of stuff in it. the satchel has a tendency to get bulky (maybe because its rounder and not as tall?) vs. the tote is wider at the bottom.

    I love the slip pocket on the 12705

    Both have the beautiful legacy lining inside.

    don't get me wrong its all personal preference. the one thing i wish is that the Tote has the full zipper like the Satchel. So it doesn't come apart when unzipped.

    i hope this helps.. plmk if you have any other questions.

    p.s. you might notice that the legacy collection (at least these two styles are my favorite ever made in the coach like) the leather is so soft and supple. i am carrying my Grey tote this week. was at the store and the checker (he also owns the store) a beauty supply store. Said.. wow, that leather is amazing. he loved the bag.

    my next fav in the coach line is the Zoe. lol
  12. P.S. lovecoachmore is showing the Satchel 1204 in the color you are looking for.
  13. Thank you so much!! That description was perfect.

    I also love the Garcia Legacy bags -- because I have two little girls, regular Legacy leather gets scratched up, but the Garcia bags live up to getting thrown around in the playground, getting constantly caught in the rain in Florida, and my general inability to gauge how far away I am from scratchy surfaces. :smile:
  14. I have one and got it from my outlet in December. I was just back there one week ago today and there was none of the garcia Legacy left. They said they sold out of it pretty quickly.

  15. Thank you so much for the advice, I hate I missed it.