Hi..new to the board and can't decide which bag to get ....

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  1. It's between the Brief GH or the Part-Time GH, both in truffle...any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.

    Thank you:smile:
  2. Hi and welcome, I am new as well, and by no means an expert! I asked the same question here, too. I bought a city for my first bbag b/c it seemed like a great option size wise, plus it can be wor several ways, including having a strap. That being said, I have just ordered a GH part time, similar to a city, just a different shape and a slightly longer strap. So, I guess it depends roughly on your preference for a strap or not. For me, I wanted a strap, plus I really love the size and look! Good luck.
  3. Welcome to the board. :flowers:

    Personally, I just adore the shape of the Brief. It's very classy and in my opinion it's the best bag with GH.
  4. Hi and welcome!

    I have learned thru trial and error that I am a City girl!!! The size and shape is just ME!
    While I love the LOOK of the Brief and did purchase one, I felt I was just too short too carry it ... so sadly it went back.

    Good Luck in your search!
  5. Welcome ! I am new to the board as well!

    I would try the City first. Then, like I, you will be addicted and will purchase many more!
  6. I prefer the Part Time in truffle....i love the color. :heart:
  7. I like the part-time w/ GH! its a great shape.
  8. I first got the First, then the City and then the Purse. I would recommend every single one for different reasons:The First is just so pretty and the classic BBag IMO. It is a little small which is why I got the City which is perfect in size for every day and also very pretty. The Purse turned out to be my favourite style because it sits so comfortably under my arm and looks so feminine and the size is just perfect for my needs- oh, and of course I think it's very pretty, too! :yes:

    So you cn't go wrong IMO and I'm sure you'll be back for more soon anyway!;)
  9. I would recommed First or City as well... But between Brief and Part Time, I like Part Time more!!!:tup:
  10. Go for part-time GH
  11. part time.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Personally, if this is going to be my first bbag, then I will choose part time. The size and shape is versatile and more classic than the brief. Good luck with your choice!
  13. Welcome to the BBag board!! Personally, i would prefer the brief style than part-time as the first bbag...shld u decide the final choice, don't forget to post pics....:smile:
  14. I love the Part-time........my personal favorite.
  15. What will you be using the bag for? I personally don't like the look of the brief, so my vote would go for the part-time.