Hi! New to Prada & wanted to share info

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  1. You don't see my name much because I've been on the YSL site and am hoping to save money and purchase a Prada or BV in the fall (yeah, right, in this economy). Anyway, I wanted to share something with all my TPF friends, that I learned. I contacted Chanel after receiving an email from samplesale.com, or something like that (& when you check out the website they show u that they r so legit they have been on the Fox Channel 5 news) that they are having a sample sale including genuine Chanel bags! I knew this was impossible, so I contacted Chanel and got a three page letter back from them. (Prada did not respond to me.) They said they NEVER have sample sales to the general public! They do not authenticate their bags either but if a bag is bought solely in their store it is 100% genuine.

    I wanted to let everyone rest assured, that my feeling is - if you buy your Pradas at reputable stores ie. Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and the store that the bag is from you can rest assured that you are safe and that they will stand behind the bag.

    That said: Lesson learned, if it sounds to good to be true, it is a FAKE!:graucho: I consider everyone here to be my TPF friend and wanted to share this info with you. I hope to be joining you all when I can save up some dough for a gorgeous soft leather Prada! Until then, purchase wisely!!!:biggrin:
  2. I think the fear is that you could end up with a fake because some scumbag had switched it when they return it to the store. I actually know someone who makes a lifestyle out of this, e.g. switching roseart crayons for crayolas, etc, etc. She gets away everytime and is proud that she outsmarted them. :rant:

    Like what PP said, the only way is to put a security tag like bluefly does. If not, you can't know for sure because some S.A.s are not trained to know the difference.
  3. I totally agree! Overstock.com does the same and won't take merchandise back if the security tag has been removed. I just purchased my YSL bag directly from the YSL store for 50% off (due to this depressed economy) and I feel safe! I just wanted everyone to try & protect themselves as best as they can from cons! It's not foolproof but when we spend these $, it pays to be careful!
  4. I still subscribe to the idea that tPF members are prone to suffering from what I call "fakeaphobia" to the point that they think there's a fake around every corner. Since I've been on this board, I've even seen people question the authenticity of bags they bought at a Prada boutique!!!

    Sure, there are slezoids every where, but sometimes you just need to keep it all in proper perspective.